Tuesday, April 27, 2010

By the Seashore...

(iPhone photos are mine [the crappy, dark ones]...Hipsta prints are Cara's...the rest are Tris')

I'm so mad. I'm mad because I'm not at the beach. If someone told me that I could live on the beach forever, but never have chocolate again...I'd seriously consider it. That's how much I love the beach. I probably would say no, though. That's how much I love chocolate.

But still, I heart the beach. And it's always no fun to leave it. But this past Thursday after work, Cara, Brandi, Tris and I headed south for a long weekend at le beach. So. Much. Fun.

We started off the trip by looking at my fabulous homemade flippy flops.

All day Friday, we baked in the warm, golden rays. Sigh. So relaxing. I think I was using Coppertone from 1893 because #1, it smelled a little weird when I was putting it on and #2, the only places I got burnt were the places I slathered on the most lotion...the tops of my feet and the tops of my shoulders. Weird. Oh well. We walked a mile and a half to the most fabulous little seaside town and ate lunch. This was an adventure because, as you well know, walking in sand or water doubles your exertion level...so, technically we walked 3 miles there and 3 miles back. It was also an adventure because the purple flags were up...which means that marine life was abundant that day. Apparently, the little blue fringy jellyfish and some Portuguese Man of Wars wanted a tan, too, so they were littered across the shoreline. It was like a mine field. But still, the water was as crystal clear as the Caribbean and the sand was soft, sugary and white. Perfection.

We ate lunch at the taco bar. Delish.

And then walked back to the beach.

Every morning we ate breakfast at the best little coffeehouse eva. Is coffeehouse one word or two? Coffee house?

One night, we ate supper in paradise in a little beach town that smelled like rosemary everywhere you went. My crab-stuffed shkrimp wrapped in pancetta (pahn-CHATE-uh as Giada would say) was amazing.

There were two weddings going on. We wanted to crash, but it was starting to sprinkle a little bit, so we forgoed. Forwent? Decided to forgo the crashing.

Another night, we ate at this bar restaurant that was really red inside. It was like a dark room, but awesomer...and with delicious food. I got the crab cakes. As always.

Naked mermaid.

On Saturday, we went shopping. All day. It's like I told the gals. The beach makes me so happy. And shopping at the beach makes me that much happier.
Actually, no, I spent it on makeup. I don't wear shoes in the summer.

Things I learned this weekend:

The sound of my external hard drives, Bogue and Weejer, whirring to life after a long weekend's sleep does not equal the sound of the waves crashing on the pure white shore while gulls screech overhead.

Cocoa Crispies does not equal a fresh cranberry orange scone and Mango Ceylon tea.

A wet, 54º overcast Tuesday does not equal perfect 84º weather and sunshine. Where did this dumb cold front come from?

Waking up does not equal sleeping late.

Spraying off the patio as you watch the deluge of pollen-infused water flow into the yard does not equal shopping.

But the main thing I learned is that no time ever spent at the beach will ever equal time with my sweet, amazing, perfect husband and my precious, wonderful, perfect daughters. I missed them SOOOO much. I probably called 15 times a day checking on everybody. It was definitely a nice, relaxing, and refreshing weekend, but I was very happy to hug all of them and give them endless kisses. I cannot wait to take the gals to the beach! Technically, they've already been twice...they just couldn't get out. I definitely needed the break and I am so grateful to Mom and David for giving it to me. And I'm so grateful to Tris, Cara and Brandi for such a fun time. You gals are fabulous. And Shane, tell your grandmother "thank you" for letting us use their condo! Super adorable!

Oh, also...everyone...you need to get Cara to do her Jamie Oliver Food Revolution impersonation for you. You will not regret it. You will pee your pants. Make sure she says "square pizza". I'm going to video her one day so those of you who don't have regular visits with Cara can see it. Square pizza...ahhhhhhhhhhhh...haha. Awesome.

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  1. I'm glad you had such a good time. I love the picture effects with the first couple of pictures. It looks like a really nice beach town/city. Where did you go?


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