Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Snores Like Her Dad

So, still not a real post, but here is a video and some pictures to keep you until I can write something fo REAL fo real. Yep...fo real.

Harper "Mo" Missouri

Piper "Pip" Lee

Easter 2010

Flea, Harbinger of Doom, and Harper

"Hmmm...what is this offering you have brought me?" queries the great black predator. "The real question here is...'can I eat it?'"
"Looks like a human."
"Smells like a human."
"Has two hands like a human. HEY...two hands..."
"Put 'em to work, kid."
"Gotta earn your keep, half-pint. Ain't nothin' free."
"That's right...riiiiiight there."
"A little to the left...little more...liiiiiittle more.....yeaaaahhh."
"Not bad, shortie. Not bad at all."
"For your efforts...today you live."
"We'll see about tomorrow. I must return to the underworld. My minions await..."

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