Thursday, April 1, 2010

On this very day...

In December 2008, when David and I decided to start trying for a family, I just KNEW we were going to get babied immediately. Ha. Didn't happen. Took us 5 months...but didn't happen immediately nonetheless. But, from the beginning, I had devised this huge elaborate April Fool's plan. Mom tries to get all of us every year. Usually she succeeds...sometimes she doesn't. Like, last year, she called me and said one of Dad's patients was looking for some graphic design work and he gave Dad his number for me to call him. So, Mom calls me and gives me the number saying, "His name is Mr. Lyons and he's wanting a website designed or something." A few minutes later, I call the number and it's the zoo. Stupid me still asks for Mr. Lyons. The lady on the other end was not amused and promptly hung up on was then I realized Mom had gotten me. Or, like this morning, when Mom and Peter were cleaning the house and I was working (oh, we're back at my parent's for a few days), and I hear this incredibly manufactured SMACK and Peter comes barreling down the hallway and screams, "Ruth! Mom fell!! And she's bleeding!! Come quick!!" Of course, I immediately said, "April Fools...ha ha. I don't believe you." Not that I'm uncaring, but we're just a bunch of liars, so I knew it wasn't real. But he kept at it..."Ruth! For real! She's hurt! Come quick!" So, I get up and meander back to her bathroom to find her laughing on the floor...Peter patting her on her head...from where the invisible blood was pouring. She sat up and said, "Oh geez, Ruthie, you're no fun." Ha. Can't win 'em all, Mom. I'm on to you.

Anyways. So, like I said, since I just KNEW I would be pregnant soon after we started trying, I had planned to tell Mom weeks before that I had an ultrasound appointment on April 1, 2009. And then, on April 1, 2009, I was going to call her and tell her we found out it was twins. It was going to be the most perfect April Fool's ever, because she would totally believe an ultrasound phone call. But then, I didn't get pregnant until May, so when I called her that fun-filled June 12 to tell her it really was twins, it took her awhile to believe me. Dad didn't believe me either. Neither did Sara. Or my grandparents. Or Beth. Or Kinsley. I don't know why. I never just make up stuff. I totally stick to the facts. I never cry "wolf."

Guess the joke's on me. I lay low on April Fool's nowadays.

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