Friday, January 7, 2011

12-Month Visit

Yesterday was the girls' 12-month check-up with our buddy, Dr. Reminds. They were such troopers. They're really personable, always smiling and waving at people. Little did they know what was coming. (sad face)

They were measured and weighed. Used to, they would squirm around to look at what the nurses were doing, but now, they lay so perfectly still like they're helping. They're both in the 97% for height and weight. Dr. R said he was surprised they both were walking (beam with pride). We showed him the girls' "tricks" (touchdown [Uncle Richard taught them that], hello, bye bye, howl at the moon, fake laugh, fake cough, etc.)...kind of sad when you've taught your kids tricks and they actually perform them. But he said that was great for their development, so...yay for tricks!

Then Nurse Shots came in with, well, shots. And they were so brave. And Nurse Shots is fast...she was like boom boom boom boom DONE. I had some little snacks waiting for them, so the tears didn't last long. The twins have an obsession with dots or little images on clothing and Nurse Shots had on a set of Hello Kitty scrubs. And some of the kitty's faces happened to be right on her fanny. What else are two curious munchkins supposed to do except poke those kitties' faces. I had to explain my kids weren't pervs, they just appreciated cute cartoons. She laughed and said it happened all the time.........wait, what? (Note to self: don't ever wear Hello Kitty scrubs because people will touch your butt.)

After the shots and a dose of Tylenol, you'd figure they'd take a great nap. Nope. The opposite. They were WIRED all day yesterday. They didn't take a single nap, but instead, had an invisible IV caffeine drip. You'd figure they'd sleep pretty well last night. Nope. Stupid shots.

The girls refuse to wear things in their hair. No barrettes, bows, nothing. It's a huge deal if they'll keep something in there for more than two seconds. Mainly because Harper pulls hers out and then walks over and pulls Piper Lee's out..."It's cool, sister. I'm helping you."

Their new thing is to mimic anything you do. They're great copycats. They can mimic sounds and motions. It's quite entertaining. They mirror each other a lot and then laugh about it.

Tomorrow is their 1st birthday party! And you're all invited! Seriously, come on! I'm soooooooooooooooo excited! We've been planning this thing since they were 4 months old. I know, I know, it's ridiculous. I used to kind of be like, "Okay, overkill," when people would plan these huge extravagant Christmases or birthday parties for their super young kids, but I was wrong...utterly and completely wrong. Yes, the kid won't really know what's going on and they won't remember it, but you'll have pictures and it's SO. MUCH. FUN. I have had the best time. (Yes, the party is more for the parents than the kids, but I'll have tons of pictures so they'll be able to look and see what their first birthday party was like.) And I'll post pictures next week! Life is completely different with kids and it's wonderful.

Piper Lee and her new bio-mechical hands. Does she not remind you of Tick Tock from Return to Oz?

Some footage of Pipes walking. And you may ask yourself, "Why are her kids always clothesless?" Well, it's common knowledge that life is so much easier when you're naked.

A casualty in the epic Nerf battle. (No, DHR, we did not shoot her in the back...we licked the darts and stuck them on her.)

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  1. I'm excited to see the birthday party pictures! And I'm glad to see that my husband wasn't the only one to shoot our daughter with a nerf gun. She thought it was hilarious! She would go pick up the darts and take them back to him lol


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