Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Birthday Par-TAY!

I just gotta say...and I've said it before...we honestly have the best friends and family that anybody could ever ask for. I was just blown away by the love shown to my two girls at their birthday party. Having all of our friends there and the family that was able to was completely overwhelming. After everyone went home and we were cleaning up, I told David I wish I could have spoken to everyone more. That's the only thing about those types of events, so much going on that you don't really get to sit down and just talk. But, we had an amazing time and I'm incredibly thankful to everyone who made it so special. I know it'll mean a lot to the girls, too, when they're older and can look back at pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I'm not super thrilled with how mine turned out. Here's what happened. We were originally having the party at the house. But, it's freezing outside and our house isn't huge. Mom suggested we find somewhere close by, but I never could find anything. But, little Googler Mom did. Right in our neighborhood! I had no idea. We have two pools here, but there's also a clubhouse that I didn't know about. Anyways...we rented that sucker. The catch was, we only had 30 minutes to decorate. There was another party going on before ours. David's parents, Zack, Malinda, David, Mamaw G, Dad, and I all scrammed to get everything set up before the party started. If it hadn't been for them helping, we couldn't have gotten it done, but it did! Thanks, guys! And I'm super happy with how everything turned out, I just didn't get great pictures of everything. (But, I stole some from Sara and Malinda...teehee)

Mommajoe psyching the girls up for the party!

Goodie bags. Filled with stickers, Hershey's kisses, and a snowflake ornament.

Cup-a-cakes. Half chocolate orange. Half orange. Both kinds with vanilla orange icing and a cream cheese filling. Sara, David, and I worked on them about 3-4 hours Friday afternoon and evening. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We had a lot of leftover cream cheese filling, but Sara and I took care of that.


Hot chocolate and apple cider.

Shortbread cookies. Y'all, I'm not kidding...this is the best recipe for shortbread cookies I've ever had. It's just like eating baked butter, but better.

Little brother Peter helped set out the plates and napkins.

Candle bags. We had the fake votives inside, because none of our friends can be trusted with fire.

Taquitos! And chocolate snowflakes. David and I made white/peppermint chocolates and milk/orange chocolates.


David and I cut out a bazillion snowflakes and a few 3D snowflakes. I wanted to do all the snowflakes the 3D kind, but I made about 4 big ones and 4 small ones and said, "Yeah, enough of that."

Sweet Malinda made these adorable glittery flags. I'm saving them for forever.

Party time!


Papaw G and Mommajoe, why you so crazy?

Harper tore into her cupcake.

Piper Lee wasn't too sure about hers.

So, I helped her.

Yay for birthday parties with friends and family!

Megan drew a picture for the girls. It's a picture of me, David, and the girls. Me and the girls are wearing tutus.

Doesn't she have a good handwriting?

Piper Lee and Papa

Harper and Aunt Malinda

Megs and the Coaster of Doom

I wasn't here for this conversation, but apparently, Peter was trying to convince Sasha and Marina that he was a country music singer.

Of course...

So, we started opening presents and Piper Lee and Harper apparently had other things to do, so Megan, Holland, Virignia Kate and I had a grand ole time.

GranJan and Piper Lee

Aunt Moo and Harper

Harper and Uncle Pete

Harper and Uncle Zack

Malinda's, Ruth's, and Piper's after-party faces.

Party's over...let's go home.

I wrote this really fast, so I haven't proofed it. If there are typos...whatevs. Happy weekend, everybody! On Monday, I'm going to do my first ever giveaway! I don't know what I'm going to give away yet. I DO have an extra kid...hmmmmmmm....


  1. OH MY GOSH!! I better win that giveaway. I don't even care what it is.

  2. Giveaways. I never win. I always try for the Pioneer Womans, a long with 40,000 other people haha

    I also want an orange cupcake now.


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