Friday, January 28, 2011


Yesterday, I told you that the girls make crafts at playschool. When I got the little brochure and read through it, it said part of their time at "school" would be making crafts. I laughed and thought, "Yeah, I'd like to see that." I was picturing shell pasta picture frames or peanut butter bird feeders or robots made out of Dixie cups and cardboard boxes. When I picked them up after their first day, I got home and looked through their bag to pull out dirty sippy cups and clothes and, lo and behold, THEY MADE A CRAFT! My heart exploded into a thousand pieces.

I will save these forever and ever. I'm taking them to Hobby Lobby to have them professionally matted and framed...I'm so not kidding. I just held them up so proudly (while the girls took a good, long, post-playschool nap) and stared at each little fingerprint and every little line and laughed at how much alike their handprints look. Look how they both spread out their right-hand thumbs. I couldn't wait to show David when he got home.

A few days later, they came home with THESE!!
Piper is missing a toe on her left foot and Harper is missing a toe on her right. (Not really...just in the painting.) These are getting framed, too!

A few days later...what in the world? One of my kids has escaped from their prison of play. Like, seriously, a Navy Seal couldn't get past that barricade. Hang on...I think they're working together. I gotta investigate...................well, awesome. They didn't push past it...Harper climbed OVER it. I'm in big trouble now. She's like a monkey. Anyways. A few days later they came home with these!
Whew...I'm gonna be dropping some dough at the frame store.

And look at this, last week, they brought home a BOOK!

Tim and Alex also had pictures in the book. Tim and Alex are the identical twin boys that are in the class with the girls. They're cutie patooties. They've got the biggest dimples. But, this isn't a post about Tim and Alex, now is it? (Actually, since they're so young and since I don't know their parents, I didn't want to put their pictures in a public blog.) But, hey, Katie Christmas, they have the same last name as you! Maybe y'all are related. Or, I guess it'd be maybe Mal is related to them. Anyways.

Yay for crafts! And shame on me for doubting.

Yesterday, I didn't bring home Harper...I brought home Pebbles. A very, very tired Pebbles.

Outdoorsy gals.

These boots were made for walkin'...

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  1. Oh my gosh look at those tiny little hand and foot prints!! Their first school craft, that's a big deal!!


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