Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New in 2011

I hope everybody had a great New Years! It DID rain here (it stormed pretty bad actually), so maybe 1 or 2 fireworks and the neighbors were done! We had our black eyed peas, hog jowls, butter with a little rice, greens, and cornbread with Sara, Noah, and Bryan. The twins ate a little bit of everything...I was so proud. It was a really good weekend. A fabulous way to start the year. I only had a few resolutions...1. Organize my digital photos and finish the girls' first year photo book. 2. Not get stressed about the small things. Perspective. 3. Home date night with David once a week. 4. Teach the twins to howl like a werewolf, hiss like a vampire, and growl like a zombie. ABC's are overrated. 5. Start doing crunches every day again. So far, I'm doing great with that one. Saturday night, I had a choice between doing crunches and eating Oreos and whole milk whilst watching House reruns. Guess which one I chose?

So, here's the dealio...I feel like I've let you guys down. Remember way back when I used to blog every single day? And now it's maybe like 2-3 times a week. And the days I do blog consecutively, they're super laaaaaaaaaaaame posts, let's be honest. Like, "here's what we did yesterday, yay!" I know I have a couple more responsibilities now and it's harder to find the time to write on here. But, I love sharing stories and pictures and videos of the girls with y'all and I want the posts to be worthwhile. And also, how boring is my blog? Seriously. I'm a graphic designer and this is what my personal blog looks like? I have got to fix that. You, dear readers, deserve better. And I've been meaning to, just haven't found the time...and also, I need to figure out how.

New year! New blog!

From now on...Mondays will be story time! I'll share a story from my childhood (like the time Sara almost cut my fingers off with a hatchet in the woods) or recent life events or I'll make fun of someone (like a sibling or parent...because there's plenty to make fun of) or I'll talk about life with friends (like the time I made Zack, Malinda, and David walk so fast at Disney World that Zack's legs started bleeding) or something of that nature.

And Fridays will be twin day! I'll post some updates and pictures/videos of the Scallywag Duo.

And if I do have time during the week, I'll post stuff other days. But I'm just letting you know for sure Mondays and Fridays so you (Mom) won't have to look during the week. And new blog coming soon! Thanks for sticking with me, buddies!

Until then...feel free to reread Taffy's Ashes.


  1. Feel reassured that this random person still loves your laaaaaaaaame posts. ;)

  2. I like your blog, and I don't even know you. I mean I feel like I kind of know you because I read your blog and stuff. But I don't know you IRL.

    Happy new year.

    If you want to see a sad little blog then look at mine last post was Mother's Day and it was a LAME youtube video.

  3. Yay! I love a good makeover, and what a bonus that you're a graphic designer. :)

  4. DUDE seriously don't call yourself a "lame" blogger.... have you even seen mine lately?! I am the LAME blogger!
    yours are awesome!

  5. AND just to prove the point of my own lameness... it took me about 10 tries to get this dang comment posted b/c I couldn't remember my blog's password. Yikes!


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