Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Conversation with David

Last night, we were bathing the girls...everybody having a grand ole time. Those kids take like hour-long baths. They LOVE bath time. I was telling David about their day at playschool. They made a craft. Yes, they make crafts. I'll show you sometime. Yesterday, they made a little apple with paint on their thumb and pointer finger and it says, "I am the apple of my teacher's eye." Presh, huh. Then, either me or David starting singing the theme song for Yo Gabba Gabba, a show the girls are obsessed with. And I secretly like it, too. (When it's time to watch it in the afternoon, I throw my hands out and say "YO GABBA GABBA!" Harper and Piper Lee then throw their arms out and say, "Ah Gallah Gah!" We're working on it.)

David: Foofa! She's pink and fluffy!

Ruth:'s "she's pink and happy."

David: Whatever. She's pink.

Ruth (talking about that day's episode of Yo Gabba Gabba): Today, they learned about losing their teeth.

David (thinking we had switched back to talking about playschool): Losing their teeth?

Ruth: Yeah, like, how it's okay if your teeth get loose and they'll come out, but don't be scared. And the tooth fairy comes. You know, that type of thing.

David: But, how is that something they would even know to talk about it?

Ruth: Well, I mean, it happens to everybody. Sometimes kids are scared of that and it's good they're teaching them that it's okay. They sing songs about it.

David: What in the world? They sing songs about it?

Ruth (puzzled as to why this is so confusing to him): Yes. One time, they learned about taking naps. And one time they learned about making new friends. Every day is different...sometimes they talk about cars or babies or bugs...

David: But...I don't understand how they could possibly imagine that a child would remember a song about losing their teeth or any of that for that matter.

Ruth: What are you talking about? Kids remember songs.

David: What are we paying for? I mean, it seems they would just play with them and teach them basic things for now.

Ruth: Huh? Paying for? It's on TV.

David: OH! You're talking about Yo Gabba Gabba.

Ruth: OH! You're talking about playschool.

David: Well, that was fun.


  1. Ha! We LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba. Mostly because it's supposed to be entertaining and not all preachy or "educational" as some other shows that can get ANNOYING. *cough*Playhouse Disney*cough*

    Anyway, it's one of the few kids shows I love to watch with the boys. They dance around and sing and the guest stars are fun for us adults. And they include retro 80's video game sequences.

    Plus, the guy who created the show has a band called the Aquabats that dress up in costumes as superheroes...and, well, you'd just have to see it. Gaines has loved them for like 15 years, but I was only introduced after we got married (maybe he thought they'd scare me away?). Most of the CD's are okay for the boys to listen to -- I think the band is Mormon or something anyway so there's not like bad language or anything. We just have to skip over the ones about fighting monsters since we have enough of that around here...

    But the cool news is that the Aquabats are coming out with a new album with a lot of new silly songs in the vein of Yo Gabba Gabba. PLUS, Strong Bad is going to make an appearance on the CD. Tell me you've watched Homestarrunner, right? It's going to be an explosion of awesomeness.

  2. Ben thought they were singing: "Foofa! She's frickin' happy!" and laughed so hard because they said "frickin."

    So now we just sing "frickin." 'Cause it's funny.



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