Monday, January 10, 2011


No, it's not talk like a pirate day (I think that's in September. Sad that I know that)...that's me being pooey, because I can't blog today. It's like someone took my toy. :(

Two little heiny's compshtipated + two little runny noses + two little kitten coughs = two hours of sleep = Ruth dragging today. So, raincheck for Monday storytime? Thanks, guys!

We had a WONDERFUL weekend. I can't wait to show you the party pictures. Oh my word, such a fun day. And now, our state is (well, was, up until a few hours ago) in a state of emergency because of the "snow/ice storm." I mean, if someone spots a flurry, the whole state shuts down, so it's not a huge deal. We got to hear the ice falling last night...sounded like crystals trinkling down on the sidewalk. It was like diamonds dropping in my hair. Ha, if only. We were supposed to have a lot of snow...nope, just more ice. You could probably skate in the back yard. Growing up, we rarely saw snow. It never snowed at our house. One time, Noah prayed really hard for a White Christmas. It didn't snow at Christmas, but we got a bonafide blizzard in March. Mom said, "Maybe don't pray quite so hard next time, Noah." And we would have flurries here and there. One time, we saw snow in college. And since we've been married, we've seen snow maybe twice. Except these past two Januaries, we've had lots of snow and ice! I think my kids are magic. Later on, we'll go outside and have an iceball fight. Those are the best. Makes you a stronger person.

Anyways. I leave with you a FatBooth photo of Harper.

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