Friday, July 15, 2011

Can't. Move.

Yesterday was Boot Camp: Day 2. And now it's almost impossible to move. I, along with Tris, Brandi, and Erin, have decided to endure this rigorous exercise regiment in order to more solidify our positions as Queens of Tight Bods and Buns. Our first night was Monday. Not too bad. My arms were a little sore. But, last was like for real boot camp. Our instructor, Rodney, was just warming us up Monday night, I guess. It was awesome, though. We did these things called Jack 'n Presses and it's where you take your dumbbells, hold them by your ears, do jumping jacks and press the dumbbells up. Almost. Died. I about couldn't drive back home and my legs are super wobbly today. I'm thinking I'll be walking like a robot tomorrow. But, it'll be worth it.....I hope.

I think I pulled some muscles in my fingers and eyelids, too, so instead of a post, here are some videos of the girls. They're pretty long, so if you're bored...

We got the girls some new puzzles. I know, I know...everybody thinks their kids are geniuses, but I'm just so proud of how quickly they figured out the idea of these puzzles. How do you explain to an 18-month old, "Match the fishes' bodies up by color"? I just put them on the floor and waited to see what they would do and they figured it out!

This is what happens when Daddy watches them.

The morning routine.

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