Monday, July 25, 2011


Remember how I said I would tell y'all about my summer roommate today? I meant "later this week." Did you not get that? I don't really know what to tell you...I mean, if you can't read between the lines...not I'm embarrassed for you, actually.


I love love love the rainbow hair streaks. I think they're so fun, but not overwhelming. I tried it last year, but I was a little afraid of the results, so I toned it back some. The color ended up being barely noticeable. So, I decided to try it again this weekend. TOOK. FOREVER. David helped me reach the back strands, God bless him.

Normal hair.

My fancy cap! Very trendy right now. Oh, and I'm wearing David's mowing the lawn shirt. It's pretty fantastic.

We slather on the bleach.
Over an hour of wearing the cap and it started getting a little old.

Bleach out. Wayne's World! Wayne's World!

We used the gloves putting the bleach on, so we used our bare hands putting in the color. Not a super great idea. Duh, you would have thought, but I didn't. My hands were almost black with the pink dye and David's were almost black with the blue dye. While my hair was drying, we tried everything to get the stain off. I kept apologizing to David. We Googled ideas. Somebody suggested one of the Magic Erasers. Then some guy commented, "Dummy, that has bleach in it, that's not good for your hands!" True. But it would work. Soooooo...we soaked our hands in bleach. IT WORKED. And now my fingernails are very, very white.

The results (in different light). Please excuse the humidity-laden dullness of my hair. Florescent lighting is not good to me.

To sum up...we're having fun, you look young. A little Friends humor there for you.

To sum up (for real)...if you want rainbow strands, go to a professional. I spent $8 on the coloring kit. The brand was Splat. You get what you pay for. It worked, don't get me wrong. But it was most definitely not worth the 3 hours it took. The colors aren't as vivid as I wanted them and I feel like they'll wash out in 2 weeks (supposed to last up to 6 months...ha...we'll see). Actually, if you have blonde hair, I feel like it would work a ton better. Next time, I'm going to see Sara Beth.

The end.

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