Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, America!

235 years old and you look ravishing! What night cream do you use? Well, I hope everyone had a fantastic Fourth and relaxing weekend. The girls have been a little under the weather (runny noses, croupy at night) this past week and I was worried about how they'd be this weekend. El doctor said they had some fluid in their ears and sore throats, but nothing that needed medicine, which was great.

We headed south to celebrate our nation's independence. We had a cookout Saturday night and got to spend time with family and friends and high-five America and congratulate David on passing the CPA. The girls swam in the pool every day and loved it. I mean, LOVED. IT. My dad took some awesome pictures and, of course, I left the card he loaded them on at the house. When we take them swimming, we usually just leave off the diaper and have their bathing suit on. Those Swimmies diapers give them the worst rash and I figure they're there just to catch the #2's and don't do much for the #1's anyway. It was usually late in the day when we went swimming, mostly overcast, so we ended up leaving their bathing suits off....a.k.a. skinny dipping. There's nothing quite as freeing as skinny dipping. Those European and Pacific nudie beaches know where it's at. (Remind me to tell you about the time we were in Bora Bora...yowza. [Let me clarify, David and I were appropriately attired...those surrounding us were not...attired.]) Anywho. So, the girls were swimming in the nude and jumping and splashing and running in the shallow end, just having the time of their lives. All of that activity gets things a-moving and both kiddos christened the newly remodeled swimming hole with adult-sized BMs. A little fishing around with the net, some extra chlorine and we were set to go.

It's amazing how brave an 18-month old can be. They would jump off the sides to us. Step off into the deep end, go under, and come up in our arms smiling. I definitely think they'll love to swim.

It was a great weekend. I was sad it ended. We got home and let the girls run around in the yard for awhile. We figured it was time for their first fireworks, so we got out some sparklers, which they admired...from a distance. They were enamored with them, but respected the pyrotechnics. Maybe next year. We'll stick with bubbles for now.

Okay, and whew! You guys made me feel better about the "Mowin' the Grass" post. I get a little (lot) paranoid sometimes (always). Jocelyn...ha haaaaaaaa...I did not EVEN think of that! Oh my gosh, you are so right. Gyah, that's hilarious. Hey, I'm fixin to order some stuff from you.

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  1. I am sorry to have spoiled your innocence.

    And I'm super excited to have the chance to make something for you!


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