Monday, July 18, 2011

Tie-Dye, Slides, and Cupcakes

Saturday morning, we all headed over to the park to celebrate Sasha and Marina being home for a year! Time. has. flown. I remember the day they landed at the airport with Shane and Brandi, preggers with Finn, unbeknownst to her at the time. Oh, that's such a fun story. I went up to hug Marina and Sasha at the party, telling them we were so happy they were here, to which I got the replies, in thick Russian accents, "Yes, yes...we aahre hchghappy to be hchghere." Whenever Brandi or Shane tell us a Sasha or Marina story, I always picture them smoking big cigars, even though they're not allowed to. They have the best accents.

It was a tie-dye party to boot! Such a cute idea. Brandi had set up all of the supplies. I've actually never tie-dyed anything before. And now I'm hooked. I'm going to start tie-dying everything...rugs, towels, the car. It's going to be beautiful. Here's the shirts I did for the girls.

There was a plethora of other kiddos there. The girls love playing with their own kind. It's fun to watch the social interaction of toddlers. They establish a hierarchy and form a government. They usurp each other and everybody takes turns at the leadership position, but for the most part, they just want to slide.

Masters of the Playground

"Rabbit, you're out of line."

Harper: "Holls, that cardigan is pretty tight, girl."
Holland: "Yeah, man. Those madras shorts are sweet."

"Ugh, I'm soooo over it. Playgrounds...blegh."


Harper demonstrates the most non-efficient way to go down a slide.

Piper Lee demonstrates the most regular way to go down a slide.

Traffic jam in the tunnel!

"Good game, Brooks, good game."

" forgot your glittery star."

"Here you go. Carry on."

"I'll IS easier to go down this way."

Playground Repose

I Must Lick Everything:
The Taste of Freedom

Forlonging in th--hey, cupcakes!

The Tunnel is a Safe Haven:
A Public Playground from a Child's Point of View

There was a couple there, I just now realized I never learned their names, but they had a sweet little boy named Manning and Piper Lee was quite taken with him. She approached the dad and meekly crawled into his lap to get a better view of the sleeping baby, who was OUT COLD.

Cupcake break!

"Let's see what this guy over here has to eat..."

"Well, hello, Taylor. Listen, we don't want to hurt you, but there's two of us and only one of you. Give us the hotdog and you get to live another day."

"No? Alright. Guess we'll have to do this the hard way."

The hard way.

"OMG, crawling through this tunnel will be the BEST. THING. EVER!"

"Still fun! It's still fun!"

"Meh. That was dumb."

Fat kid on the playground, comin through!

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  1. That is just too much cuteness for one post. I love the tie-dye idea.


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