Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Green vs. Blue & Red

Y'all know I keep pretty quiet about my opinions. Ha. Well, that's not true. But I generally try to steer away from controversial issues because I hate wasting time trying to debate something with somebody. I'm always right, but I don't want to spend the time attempting to show them the err of their ways. There are more important things on which I'd rather waste my time. And plus, I get tired of being right all the time. Where is the fun in that. But when something comes up that really has no sense making its way into people's minds, I feel it's my responsibility as an American citizen to say something.

So, last night when David told me he had gotten into a debate with someone (you know who you are) about who would win in an ultimate showdown...The Hulk or Superman...I couldn't keep my mouth shut on the matter (or most matters, but that's beside the point).

Uh, duh, Superman would win. It's common sense. Superman is an alien from another planet. His powers on Earth are unlimited. If you take Kryptonite out of the equation, he's unstoppable. That's been proven time and time again. Sure the Hulk's powers are technically unlimited as well–because his powers are fueled by his incredible rage, which knows no bounds–but in the end, the Hulk is still human. He was a weakling human who was the victim of a scientific experiment gone awry. But still human...with feelings. If the Hulk can love a woman at the peak of his anger, then he has a weakness that Superman doesn't. His powers can diminish. Superman can be mad, happy, asleep and his powers are still there and still just as strong. And who's to say that the Hulk's mutated DNA won't mutate further into something that cripples him or gosh, reverses completely.

The Hulk can jump really high, sure. But so can kids on trampolines and I don't see them posing a threat anytime soon. Superman can fly.

The Hulk's clothes are always torn and ragged or he's naked. Sure, he can't help it, but Superman takes the time to fix his hair and present himself in a professional, hero fashion.

Superman stands for truth, justice, and the American way. Hulk is green. Wooooo scary. And he's angry all the time. What kind of role model is that.

If sweet little Liv Tyler can tame the Hulk, I'm pretty sure that Superman could take him in a fist fight.

Whew...I feel better. I had to get that off my chest. Sorry for my rant.

It had to be said.

In other news, I finally gave in and set out food and water for the stray cat that sleeps on the back patio. So pitiful. Blue has no interest in being friends with it, but it's so sweet. I don't pet it, but it's very friendly. I've named it Joaquin Phoenix, because I feel sorry for it.



  1. THANK YOU for making my smile! Of course, the other people in the waiting room are giving me funny looks... I'm thinking about handing them my phone so they can read your blog, too... Anyway, thanks -- I could use a laugh today :)

  2. Ruth,
    I have just begun following your blog!!:
    1) Love it!
    2) Your twins are FREAKIN' PRECIOUS (but you knew that already, right?)
    3) You're hysterical!! Thanks for the good laughs!
    4) Superman is indeed better than the Hulk
    5) Your twins are FREAKIN' PRECIOUS

    Hope to see you soon. Glad to see you and David are doing fabulously! :)

    Katherine Ball

  3. so, i just recently adopted a new kitty. well, i really should say she adopted me. she just started making this her home. so sweet, but trying to teach her that chattie is the boss. don't know what her name used to be but her new name is millie :)

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