Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Momma's Day!

Yesterday was my first Mother's Day and it was fabulous! It was also kind of weird because I'm used to calling our moms and grandmoms on Mother's Day, but I'm not used to people saying it to me. But it's such an honor and incredibly humbling being a Mom to these two munchkins, so I definitely cherished every moment.

On Friday, sweet Hugsy sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the house. I heard the doorbell ring about 2pm and I never answer the door if I'm not expecting anyone. I went and peeked out the window and saw a truck I didn't recognize and then a skinny-legged boy walking away from the house. Then I saw the writing on his truck...something about Something Landscaping and I figured..."Ahh ha, solicitor, I found you out." But then, he didn't stop at anybody else's house on the way out, so...I couldn't figure out what he was up to. Then David called about an hour later and asked, "Has anything been delivered today?" And I opened the door to check and lo and behold, there were my flowers. So pretty! Skinny Legs wasn't a solicitor...I felt bad for judging him too soon.
This was the card that came with it. It was supposed to be David, Piper Lee, and Harper, but they threw in an extra comma. I'm sure the person that typed it up was like...either they're triplets or that gal had three babies in one year.

Early Saturday morning, we got up and drove to David's parents' house to spend the weekend with them. For part of Mother's Day, David sent me shopping all day Saturday and gosh, what a wonderful afternoon. I took the opportunity to go to Old Navy to return some necklaces I bought online. Super cute in that tiny little thumbnail on their website...not so cute in person. While I was waiting in line, dummy in front of me grabs all of the clothes she had on the counter and high tails it out of the store, clothes in hand. The manager yells, "Somebody stop her!" and proceeds to chase her out of the store. The alarm goes off...Dummy running across the parking lot. Get this, the manager was wearing sneakers...Dummy was wearing flip flops and was carrying a massive amount of clothing in her arms...she totally outruns the manager. I almost dropped my stuff and ran after her. I could have caught her even if I had been pregnant. But then I saw the getaway car and I thought, "Hmmm...Dummy's Driver might try to hit me and then I'd be maaaaaad...and probably dead." So, I left it alone. Dummy drops pretty much all of the clothes in the parking lot, because well, she was an idiot. The manager just stands outside the store and yells obscenities at her. Which was not super great, because PetSmart next door was having a puppypalooza and had a ton of puppies outside to be adopted and we all know that puppies attract kids, so a lot of moms were covering little ears. The puppies' ears, not the kids. Kids are hardcore nowadays. Anyways. Dummy and Driver drive off and about a million people in the parking lot get the license plate number. About five minutes later, the manager announced to the store associates that the police caught them further down in the parking lot and returned the two shirts she had actually managed to escape with. So, hmm...was two shirts worth a few nights in jail and/or community service and a permanent criminal record? Dummy.

I also went to the mall and shopped around...I found some AWESOME POSSUM jeans that make my booty go SMACK. Is it weird that I bought two pairs of the same jeans in different washes? Does anybody else do that? I mean, if they fit great and make you feel fierce, why not, right?

It was a good afternoon. When I got back, Laura Grace and her fiancé, James, and his cutie pie son Allen were there. LG and Jamesaroo are getting married in June and I got to see her wedding dress! B-e-a-utiful. Love it! One Grecian urn. :)

Harps getting some love.
LG, James and Harps. I had a great one of them with Allen, too, but LG would have been mad at me because her eyes were half-closed. And I thought, who is going to be checking the blog today?
Pipes and GranJan
Papa and the gals
Look at that pinch. I'm telling you, I'm bruised by the end of the day. The twins show no mercy. They'll be cage fighters, I know it.

On Sunday morning, David and his mom got up for the 6am feeding and let me sleep late. Soooooo wonderful. Such a great gift. And then David woke me up with breakfast in bed.
And chocolate, of course.
And this is from Piper Lee and Harper.

We went to church Sunday morning and they semi-liked it. We had to hold them a good bit and GranJan had to walk around with Piper for awhile outside. But they did pretty good. When the pastor asked everybody who was a Mom to stand up, I couldn't stop smiling. I felt all gooey inside. It was really special and I'm sooooo blessed to get to be a Mom. I couldn't ask for a more amazing job or privilege or honor. It is the best thing ever. I am so thankful to God for this opportunity and for giving me and David the responsibility of raising our children to grow to know Him. And I'm grateful that I have an amazing mother that gave me the example of what a great Mom is.

Me and the gals!


  1. Two of the same pair of jeans with different washes is completely normal. Finding a good fitting pair of pants is hard enough, so you might as well cherish it.

  2. Yeah, I do the same thing with jeans if I'm super excited about them. Glad you had a great Mother's Day! You are gorgeous!


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