Thursday, May 27, 2010

Noah, the Graduate

This past weekend, we drove 5 hours to see little baby brother Noah graduate. The trip there itself was an adventure, seeing as how the girls don't absolutely love being in the car. We've realized their limit is about 3.5 hours...the time it takes to get to mine or David's parents' houses. Those 3.5 hours are totally fine. No problems at all. About a minute past 3.5 hours and they are DONE. And by done, I mean, by the time we got to the hotel and up to the room and unpacked, Harper berated us intensely for about an hour, Piper Lee just sat there in a daze, they drank their supper and went to bed, only to wake up every hour. Same for the next night. It was a slightly exhausting weekend. Because with two, you're both always having to do never get to trade off. We had to stop a few times to give them a break and let them stretch out. Sometimes I would squeeze in the back between their seats and feed them or play with them. We've decided never to take them on a road trip again...ever. Somebody's going to have to invent or develop the mutant ability to teleport. But for two almost five-month olds, they did pretty good. I don't like car trips either, so maybe they get that from me.

Graduation wasn't until Saturday night, so, Saturday morning, me, David, Bryan, Sara and Dad went to help Noah move out of his apartment. During Noah's four years at college, he survived countless papers, numerous exams, crazy freshman antics, and an F4 tornado that destroyed the entire campus, but didn't take a single life. Noah and his roommates were able to make it to a shelter right before their dorm collapsed. The university immediately started building new dorms and Noah stayed in an apartment with two of his friends and they decided to stay there. The campus is all back to normal now, complete with new dorms.

It only took about two hours to move him out...mainly because me and my muscles were helping. Look at the size of that box!

I have no idea.

David and I had this TV cabinet when we first got married...we built it ourselves...and then apparently painted this on the back. It's a true statement. We threw it in the dumpster bc it's a piece of junk now.

When we got back to the hotel, we all went swimming with the twins. Their first swim! They loved it!! (Pay no attention to the lackluster expressions on their faces.)

Graduation was at 6 p.m....outside...on the surface of the sun. I love Noah's school, I really do. I'm hoping maybe the girls will go there (of course, I will let them pick where they want to go)...but who has graduation at 6 p.m., outside?! Honestly. They were expecting about 6,000 people and yep, about 6,000 showed up.

We got there two hours early to make sure we got seats. They said last year people were standing. I ain't standing. So, we got there early. We grabbed some chairs, headed for the nearest shade and parked it there. A great place. Until the three stooges showed up at 5:55 p.m. and put their chairs RIGHT in front of us. The shade is free and belongs to all. But you're really going to put your chair two inches from my knees and expect me to be okay with it? And they yapped the whole time and made fun of the alma mater.
I yapped loud enough for them to hear and made fun of this one's hair.
The twins handled graduation quite nicely. But since their bedtime is 7 p.m. and no one messes with their bedtime (and that's not me saying that, that's them saying that), David and I had to leave right after Noah got his diploma.

Little Noah graduated! Top ten percent of his class. So many honors cords that his neck was hurting by the end of it. Top honors in the history department (his major). Summa cum laude (on a 95-100 grading scale...whaaaaat?). Can you tell I'm a proud sister? He'll be headed to Ole Miss in the Fall for his masters and doctorate. Yay!

I get to proofread more papers. Yay.

It's like...freakishly tall Harry Potter.
The only person that couldn't come was Peter. He had to work. Stupid work. He's going on a two-week trip out West with my Mom and grandparents, so he's having to work almost every weekend. But he's proud of you, too, Noah!

The twins decided to give Uncle Noah some moolah for his graduation present. They wrapped it themselves.
(Don't worry, it was cocoa powder and water.)

Some other goings-on of the twins this month.

You wanted some? I'm sorry...well, here...there's a little left.......No?
Camera's too close!
I not tellin her no ghost stories. It's cool.
A present for you, Mommajoe.

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