Friday, May 28, 2010


David tells me this story yesterday...

Davs, a manager, and a few of Davs' co-workers are all sitting around talking about buying meat in bulk at Costco. I'm pretty sure it was a mostly male crowd.

The roles are played by those as follows...

David - David
Co-workers - Co-workers
Manager - we'll call him Wingman

David: It's it crazy how the most expensive cuts of meat, specifically chicken, are those that were discarded with no thought just a few years back. Like, wings, for instance. It wasn't that long ago that everybody just threw away the wings because they were so small. Until that restaurant turned them into buffalo wings and now they're one of the most expensive parts of a chicken.

Co-workers, in unison: Yeah yeah...that is weird. Crazy how that happened, huh? Now wings are like $.50 apiece.

Wingman, in the background, quietly taking the conversation in: How do they make the wings so small?


Co-workers and David: Uhm...what do you mean?

Wingman: Well, the wings...they're so small...smaller than the rest of the chicken. How do they get them so small?

David: Well, the wings are always that small. It's the muscle part. The majority of a wing is don't eat those.

Co-workers: Hear, hear!

Wingman: No, that's not right. Like, if you get a bucket of chicken at KFC, the wing is really big.

David: Well, that's the wing section. It's got extra pieces and parts from the breast and some cartilage and all. An actual buffalo wing is just the muscle part of the chicken. They're always that small.

Wingman: No. That can't be. They have to be like, from baby chickens. Otherwise, why would they be that small?

David: Well...I–

Wingman: It's children. It's chicken children. Right? That's why they're so small, right?

David and Co-workers: Sigh.

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