Monday, April 25, 2011


Did everybody have a good Easter?! Ha, I sound like a kindergarten teacher. I would like for you all to write a half-page essay on what you did over your Easter weekend. Although, I guess kindergarteners wouldn't write half-page essays, huh.

All of last week, the girls and I stayed with Mom and Dad so David could have 100% focus on studying for the CPA. I know it sounds weird, but I always get a little homesick for my childhood around Easter/Spring and again when it starts getting cool in the Fall. So, it was nice to be home. I wish Davey could have spent the week with us, too, but I'm glad he got to study.

Even though the 'rents just redid their pool, Dad got the girls a super fun and totally awesome (can you tell I want one for myself?) inflatable pool for the front yard. They loved it! Piper Lee especially. Harper eventually would want to get out and chase the cats. They're obsessed with animals...hmm, wonder where they get that from. And yes, we kept their diapers on because neither of them had pooped that day yet. I've cleaned plenty of floaters out of the tub and didn't want to fish them out of the pool.

Mamaw G made them matching bunny cakes. A tad Donnie Darko-ish, I agree, but still delicious. You'd think the girls would tear into them. Nope. Not interested. So...I ate them.

On Saturday afternoon, the church had an Easter egg hunt for all the rugrats. The girls were semi-into it. If they had an egg in each hand, they were happy.

Look in Webster's for "sassy" and you'll find this picture.

Look in Webster's for "up to something" and you'll find this picture.

Look in Webster's for "the boss" and you'll find this picture.

Always a lady. She was raised in England...pinky up, dearie.

On Friday, we all went swimming in the big pool...and again on Saturday afternoon. You'd think two almost 16-month olds would be a little timid of a large body of water. And they were at first. But they got used to it and went wild. Harper didn't like the little baby floats, she wanted to walk around. Piper Lee was content to sit in a float and let you pull her. I was so proud of them!

Posing in the waterfall.

Sunday morning, the Easter bunny came!

Goldfish...almost as good as chocolate. To them, not me.

Then, we all got gussied up and headed to celebrate the true meaning of Easter. They kept wanting to get down to pet the cats, so we had to jump up in the air to keep the occupied and smiling. That's why our faces look strained and my smile is so weird. "1-2-3 JUMP!" That's how pictures with kids happen.


Really heavy...

Falling...babies falling...


After church, we headed over to David's parents' house and enjoyed the rest of Easter day with them and Laura Grace. Such. a. delicious. lunch. Those people can cook, let me tell you.

This pose lasted about 2.3 seconds. This was the only shot I got.

So, we turned them around so they could see the neighbor's dog, Baby. She did just the trick.

Thank you, Baby, for helping us take some pictures.

Then, we made the journey home with Sesame Street, goldfish, and fruit buddies. We did have to stop halfway there to take a mini-break. Because of their huge white tennis shoes, no socks, too-long shorts, and Einstein hair, I call this series of photos Redneck Babies.

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