Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Twin Tornado

I read the reviews for the play mat and the only negative comment people had was, by any means necessary, don't let your kids figure out how to disassemble the mat. I thought, "Psshh...they won't figure it out." Click...mat ordered.

The playroom last night.

Five minutes after they woke up.

Looks like I'm getting reacquainted with the ABCs tonight. Sigh.

(And thanks for the floor comments! Y'all are so sweet!)


  1. At least it's re-affirmed that they're smart?

  2. How about a little duct tape on the backside of that thing?

  3. HA!!!! Too funny...well, maybe not for you. Yes, I would definitely try to find a way to tape or glue them down to something else otherwise this will be an everyday occurance, at least for a while anyway. Your floors do look great though!

  4. Ha! Well, at least you can get them started on the puzzle-solving early!


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