Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Twin Tornado: The Story Continues

I took Aunt Sue and Mom's advice, turned the whole mat over (after I spent AN ETERNITY putting it back together), and duct taped the whole thing. Well, I say "duct" tape, but really it was a combination of duct, packing and masking tapes. Who knew we had so little tape in the house. And show of hands as to who all thought it was called "duck" tape up until, like, two years ago?? (Me!)

Disassemble THIS, twins!

This morning, our (thanks Mom and Aunt Sue!) efforts paid off. I got a little nervous there a few times, but it works! At least for now.....

Mwaaaaa ha haaaaaaaaaaa!!! I win!!!

Mommy: 4
The Dynamic Duo: 937


  1. maybe that puzzle glue stuff would work...

  2. Actually, I think there is a "Duck" brand of duct tape.

  3. Levi has that climbing mat, too! SO FUN! :)


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