Monday, April 18, 2011

My Beach Can Beat Up Your Beach

This past weekend was our annual women's retreat at the beach. I honestly wish all of you could come. It is so much fun. I'm already looking forward to next year. My sweet friend, Audry, got to come with me and we had such a good time. We left Friday morning, dropped the little munchkins off with David's family (to whom I am very grateful for the weekend off), and headed to sunny Florida!

The weather was absolutely perfect. Sunny the whole time. The water crystal clear. It was a tad windy on Saturday, and while being pelted in the face and having your ears filled with sand is super fun, we moved our sun tanning up to the pool. The wind died down Sunday and the water was smooth as a lake and clear as a swimming pool. Ah...paradise....aside from the Portuguese Man of War that had washed ashore from the Gulf Stream.

So. much. good. food. I couldn't stop eating.

The beachness.

Do you see the specks of sand blowing towards me? Those suckers hurt. It's like having diamonds thrown at you. Actually, I wouldn't complain about that.

Like a desert sidewinder, the wind traced patterns across the sugary sand. (That was for you, Audry.)

It doesn't look it so much here, but the wind brought huge waves and the huge waves brought a double red flag and the double red flag brings a hefty fine if you're caught in the water.

I love the beach! You may or may not can see, but I have sand all over my face, arms, and neck.

The sheriff (in the truck) making rounds...handing out tickets to daredevils and those who pay no heed to the flags.

"Ode to the Briny Sea"

Oh, sea...oh, big blue briny sea...
You come and you go.
You come back and you go back.
I wait for you...

Still waiting...

You came!!!!!! You came for me!
You wrap me in your foamy arms...
So soft...and kind of gross.

Your salty sweetness is my home.
I float upon your fickle waves.
I am safe.

Ohhh...NO. Oh, no you didn't. You're
Why am I not surprised? You're going back to her, aren't you?
The beluga? Ole Thunder Thighs?
You have responsibilities here!
Don't expect me to be waiting when you decide to come washing ashore again.

Oh, sea...oh, big blue briny sea...
I'll always wait for you.

Mainly because you're my means of transportation...
And I'd really like to get to Cozumel by Friday.

I missed my Hugs!

A shell. A baby shell.

This is a dune fence. The state has them all over the coastlines...trying to build the dunes back up. Multiple hurricanes have completely wiped them off the beach. The most devastating one was Opal in 1995. I remember not being able to see the water from houses or condos (unless you were up high) because of how high the dunes were. After Opal, it was just nothing. Actually, a lot of the houses just stepped out right into the water. The beach was gone. They pumped sand back up and built most of the affected shores back up. And now the dunes and sea oats are coming back.


My flippy flops.

Can anybody tell me what these are? That's not a "how much do you know about flowers" question. That's a "What is it, because I don't know, and it smells divine" question.

Me and Audry. How many things can you find wrong with Ruth's face? I'll give you a few hints.

Cannot wait to go back. Makes you wish holodecks were real, huh.


  1. Uh...DUH!! I SO wish holodecks were real. And that they came with Riker. Rrrowr!

  2. Holodecks would be so cool. And I'm willing to bet that most people have no clue what a holodeck is. Thank goodness my dad was/is a Star Trek fan. :)


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