Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Lives at 15 Months

Hi, we're Piper Lee and Harper....a.k.a. Double Trouble. We're here to tell you a little bit about ourselves, because we all know that the world revolves around us. And if you weren't aware of that, well, we're here to tell you that it does.

Things We Like to Eat
Blueberries, grapes, cereal bars, Kix, yogurt, pasta pick-ups, raisins, cheese, and any Gerber snack. And that's about it. The parental units have tried...nay, to try chicken fingers, rotisserie chicken, eggs, waffles, green beans, lima beans, strawberries, carrots, anything. And we'll try it all, sure, but we eat what we want. Water is stupid. We'll drink it, but only if tastes like juice. Milk is our favorite thing in the world and we go through 4 gallons a week. We know where Mom keeps the chocolate and we frequently point to it throughout the day and say "Chckl".

Things We Like to Do
We like puzzles. We like those stacking toys and we get super frustrated when the blocks or cups don't stack just right. We like Legos and Stackadoos and we are currently in the process of building a Lego fort. But our favorite thing is reading books. Mom got us our own rocking chairs and you can oft find us in them, curled up with a pipe and classic novel, such as "Barnyard Dance" or "The Bellybutton Book." We also like to "read" puzzles, which challenges Mom creatively because there are only so many ways to "tell" the farmyard animal puzzle story. We adore Sesame Street and we frequently find Mom laughing in the background because a Robert DeNiro Elmo is one of the funniest things she's ever seen.

We can brush our own teeth and hair, although Mom and Dad help us finish up. I, Piper Lee, love to brush my teeth and smile the whole time. I, Harper, loathe brushing my teeth and scream bloody murder the whole time even when I'm doing it myself.

Outside is the best place in the world. When Mom gets our shoes and socks, we try so hard to put them on ourselves and make a beeline for a door. Mom and Dad have to spell O-U-T-S-I-D-E, because when they say it and we don't get to go, they experience a shrill cry the likes of which would make a banshee wince.

Bathtime is awesometime and we stay in there until we're nice and wrinkly.

We try to sit in each other's laps or on each other's heads. Sometimes it's funny to us, sometimes we get mad. We like to roll around on the floor and wrestle with Daddy. Even though we get in each other's personal space, steal toys from each other, fight over who gets to ride Kevin, bite, pinch, and pull hair, we are never more than two feet away from each other. When one of us is sad or crying, then other will bring them a pacifier.

We love to give hugs and kisses.

Noises We Make
We know a few animal sounds. When asked, we can make the sounds of a kitty kitty, doggie, snake, duck, dinosaur, werewolf (not to be confused with a regular wolf), sheep, and we're working on cow. When asked "where is the kitty kitty?", we run to the window, hold out our hands and say, "Kithy kithy".

We also laugh incessantly throughout the day, which makes Mom nervous because it means we're up to something and/or have taken each other's clothes off.

If we drop (purposely throw) something on the ground, we say "Uh oh! Gone gone." We say "Uh Oh!" a lot during the day.

We like to wave and say "Hey!" We also tell people "bye bye".

We like to "talk on the cell phone"...mimicking Mom by yelling "Helloooo!!!" into the receiver. Mom is loud on the phone. We have conversations that sound like, "K.....ahhh...K.....Hey! K...ahhh..." and then we hand off the phone to Mom to close the conversation.

Songs We Sing
While "Danny Boy" used to soothe us when we were baby babies, it's now boring. We like upbeat songs like "Maniac" from Flashdance. We like the ABC song and do our best to sing along. We also attempt to do the sign language along with it. Any Sesame Street song has our vote. But, our favorite song is "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and we know all of the hand motions that go with it, but we speed through them and patiently wait for Mom to finish her version of the song. Every song deserves a standing ovation and "Yay!" at the end and we are happy to oblige.

Wrapping Up
Although we have our "fit" moments, we're usually really chill and easy-going kids.

The End.


  1. You made twins seem so sweet, I want some!


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