Monday, April 4, 2011

Floors, Sleeping, Shopping, and Tangled

How was everyone's weekend? The weather here was AMAZING. I wanted to be outside the whole time, but the stores were calling.

Mom left Friday morning with the girls, but I got a few pictures of them with their masterpiece before they left. They had never had so much room in the house to run around, so they went hog wild. You can see Harper just laying down rolling around.

So many juice drips.

The two guys got there around 9:30 that morning and got right to work. I stayed in the bedroom the whole time with a cooler full of food and water and did my work (we moved my computer and desk in there for the time being). They serenaded me with the Andy Griffith show tune. The reenacted scenes from movies. They talked about their plans for the weekend. They insisted on calling me "ma'am" which made me laugh, but I thought was very nice. They pulled up all the carpet.

They finally finished around 7:00 that night. Their company said it would take two days, but those guys were insistent they were going to get it done in a day, which was fine by me. Ta daaaaa, DONE!

You might be thinking, "Hey, that's not bamboo." Good eye, my friend. It's maple. The bamboo we picked out was going to have to be special ordered and wasn't available for another six weeks. Not cool. And also, it would have to be glued down, which would triple the labor cost. Seeing as how we plan to put the house up for sale in another year or so, I didn't want to spend a fortune on floors I wasn't going to get to enjoy for years and years and years. So, hopefully the new floors will help the house sell quicker.

And I'm very glad we went with maple. I'm thrilled with it! It's absolutely perfect. It makes the house so much more open and bright. And it smells so good in here, too. David and I moved all of the furniture back in Friday night. Whew. Ordeal. I'm not as strong as I look, you might be surprised to know. And I tend to get cranky when my physical abilities are pushed to their limit...

"David, stop tilting! DAVID, YOU'RE LEANING THE COUCH TOO FAR! For the love, PICK A PACE! Stop pushing! STOP PUSHING!"

"Ruth, who are you yelling at? I'm not even in the room."

"Oh. Well, come and help me move the couch."

But, we got it all back in, despite my physical limitations. We settled in for the night with a viewing of Tangled. Y'all, that is an adorable movie. I cried twice. I'm talking, tears running down my face. Ugh, so sweet. I can't wait for the girls to watch it.

The breakfast nook turned office space.

Living room

Dining room turned playroom sans baby junk

Playroom with baby junk. I've ordered one of those soft, ABC mats for this room so it'll be softer when they roll of the blocks. I found a green and brown know, so the colors aren't so bright and loud. Hmmm...

Then, on Saturday and Sunday (after sleeping until 10 a.m. both mornings), I went shopping...all by myself. It was amazing. There were no time constraints. And sweet David is such a good shopping buddy and always so patient, but I know he's kind of miserable if there's not a bookstore nearby, so I try to speed it up. But, he stayed home and studied the entire weekend, bless him. I went to Hobby Lobby and Homegoods...two of my favorites. Look at this chair I found at Homegoods. I wanted it so badly for the living room in place of the single chair in the corner. But, it was about $298 more than I wanted to spend. But, not a bad price for a fancy chair, right. And it was just short enough for the girls to be able to crawl into it. BLAH. It's calling to me., next picture.

Got some new throw pillows for the chairs.

I also ran to Target for some new window treatments. I could not get a good picture with my phone. They're just white panels with dark metal rods. But I thought they looked nice.

Ran to Forever 21 and got a killer 80's sweatshirt.

I've been dying to get a new spring wreath for the front door. Hobby Lobby, Homegoods, Target, Walmart...nobody had anything. I was like, "Come on!" I was determined to have something THIS weekend even if I had to make it myself. So, I did. I ran across the street to World Market and found a bunch of green and white hydrangea stems and some other pretty flower thing. I didn't know what I was gonna do, but I knew I'd be using hydrangeas. You have NO idea the will power I enlisted whilst in World Market. I honestly think they pump drugs into the air there. I want to buy everything. But, I put on my blinders and headed straight to the fake flowers. I knew I needed to use fake flowers, because I have the opposite of a green thumb. I have a red thumb. (Red is opposite green on the color wheel, in case you slept through Art 101.) Flowers wither when I look at them. The grass parts as I walk. Trees weep when they hear my voice. So, fake flowers it is. I found a hanging basket in the garage and voila! Spring "wreath."

I also got a real plant (poor plant) for the bucket I got at an antique store 100 years ago. I've had that bucket there for forever and it just looks stupid empty. So...plant. We'll see how long it lasts. It said it needed indirect sunlight, so it gets it there. I know I should water it at some point. How hard can it be, right?

David and I got to have dinner with Zack and Malinda Saturday night, which was SO much fun. We went to this hole in the wall fancy Chinese place. You guys...AMAZING. It was the real stuff. We ate everything. No regrets.

Last night, for the first time in over a year, David grilled out. Sigh. Such a good weekend.

David and I watched videos and looked at pictures of the girls every night before bed. We missed them so much. But they're on their way home!!! Can't wait to kiss their chubby cheeks and snuggle their faces. We missed them, but we were definitely grateful for the weekend to just ourselves.


  1. I am insanely jealous of your floors. I don't even want to know how gross our carpet is . . .

  2. Uh those floors look AMAZING. LOVE the maple. They go perfect with your house and your style.

    And by the way, Saturday was kinda the best night in a while. It was SO much fun to do dinner and a movie with you guys. We love y'all sooooo much!!! MUAH!

  3. Selling your house? Yours is beautiful! The floors are amazing.


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