Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Pacified

They entered this world from a quiet, sustaining darkness.
Thrust into the cold, gloved hands of a stranger.
I was there.
Waiting for them.
I comforted.

I was the chosen one.
Avent, Nuk, Playtex...

Through endless nights (and I mean endlesssss nights), I was there by their side.
They longed for their soft, sweet beginnings.
I reassured them.
"All is well, tiny ones.
Here, take my hand and sleep.
I shall remain with you until the morning."

I could never replace a breaaa--uh, what they really wanted.
I didn't try. My colors, my whimsical patterns...
A surrogate for solace.
I was happy in knowing my place.

Bitten. Cradled.
Rejected. Ratified.

I was lost. I was found.
I was lost...again.
Tears of joy.
Anger at my disappearance.
I laughed mirthfully at their fickle nature.

I came to know many friends along my journeys.
Dust. Dead spiders. Old raisins. The behind parts of the chair.
A splash of water and I was whole again.
Prepared to continue down my path. Toward...
My ultimate goal.
My destiny.

And then one day, the mom was "over it"...
"No more paci's," she said.

My time had come.
I had always known this day was written in the stars.
I did not fear it.
I welcomed it.
It was a beautiful day.
An ending AND a beginning.

I knew the good I had done.
So many car trips.
So many stormy nights.
So many hours in the jogging stroller.
I was a hero amongst my people.
I was BPA-free.

A small part of who they are...
And who they will become.

I shall rest now.

I came. I conquered. I pacified.


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