Monday, August 15, 2011

Puzzle Masters

So, this is a super long video, but I'm posting it so Mom can show my grandparents, who don't have a computer. They can barely work the cell phone much less a desktop, so they go over to my parents' house to see pictures and videos of the girls and this one is too big for email, so here you go.

It's just them working the alphabet puzzle.

The many faces of Piper Lee.

Roller coaster chair.

A co-worker of David's requested some maple bacon cupcakes. I'm gonna be honest...blegh. I'm super boring when it comes to cupcakes or desserts or food in general. I just want regular things. Chocolate, vanilla, spaghetti. Not all together, though. I'm not overly adventurous in my culinary endeavors. I do like salty and sweet, which is why I put salt on my watermelon, but that's as far as I go. One time on Top Chef, Richard Blais (he and I are BFFs...see for yourself), made some kind of chocolate wasabi something and won the challenge. Yay for him, because we were rooting for him, but first of all...wasabi?? No. don't mess with chocolate. Leave chocolate alone!! Sob sob sob! (Ten points if you can guess who I am). But, David's co-worker (and some other guys) paid for the ingredients, so I made them. I tried one...I gotta say, not half bad. I was surprised. It's very rich.

Here's what I did...

Golden butter cake mix. It calls for 1 cup of water on the box...I did 1 cup of a maple syrup and a smidge of water. I threw in some brown sugar for good measure. I cooked some bacon, crumbled it into the batter. Y'all, that was pretty delicious. Golden butter cake mix, you are tasty. I made a regular buttercream icing (butter, powdered sugar), drizzled in some maple syrup and threw in some brown sugar for extra good measure and some crunch. Also, I added in the bacon fat/grease from the cooked bacon. Gross, I know, but the guys at David's work wanted me to do that. Boys. I piped it on the cupcakes and candied some bacon (bacon drenched in maple syrup and brown sugar) and stuck some chunks on top. The end. It's pretty good if you like savory/sweet desserts. I'm gonna stick with chocolate, but I'm glad I tried it.

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