Friday, August 12, 2011


Y'all...Friday came at just the right time. Wait, today's Friday, right? I will revolt if it's not. This week has been draining. I drink coffee only when I absolutely have to (because it makes me C-R-A-Z-Y...I'm talking, I will paint a mural on the our neighbor's house) and I've managed to make it this week without any caffeine...except for the solid, giant Hershey's Kiss I had in the freezer.

The girls have been really good, just super...involved. They've reached the stage where they want to come and tell me everything, which is so sweet. It really is. And I know I sound like I'm complaining. And I know the time will come when I'm super needy and they're like, "Mom, give us some space." And I'll be like, "But, don't you want Snuggle Bunny with you in your dorm? You've always slept with him. He'll keep you safe." But, for right now, I can only read the Barnyard Dance or do the hand motions to the Itsy Bitsy Spider or go through the sounds that marine animals make (you should hear my octopus) so many times. And then being a designer requires me to be creative (or at least try to be) throughout the, my brain hurts. After work, I'd love to let the girls outside to play, but it's so hot outside and the news is all like, "Don't let your young kids outside to play or they'll combust." So, we're all cooped up in the house all week long. I'm tired of them, they're tired of me. All three of us are so happy when Daddy comes home. SOMEONE NEW! I cannot wait for Fall. It's weeks like this one that I have to step back, have perspective, and remember just how incredibly blessed I am to have all of this. And then thank God that it's Friday. I have a good life. It's just freaking hot outside.

Right now, we're listening to Florence + The Machine. They like music. Mom seems to think they'll be blues/jazz singers because of their deep, raspy laughs. I catch them dancing a lot. Maybe they'll be on Broadway and we'll get tons of free tickets. WIN. I'm going to be a pageant mom and push them into dance and theatre and acting and modeling and live off their paychecks. David seems to think they'll be architects because they love building blocks and legos. Maybe they'll build us huge houses all over the world. can we best use our children's skills to our advantage? I need to write these ideas down...

I also need to go bafroom. You guys have a great weekend!

Want some home decorating inspiration? Visit Laurel-Dawn's blog. LD is the designer that took my place at a company here when I left a few years ago. I like to think I taught her everything she knows. Ha, that's a complete lie. She is an amazing designer (way better than me) and a truly original decorator. Warning: if you look at the pictures of her house (in the menu bar), you'll want to rip everything out of yours and start over. The stripey hallway is to die for. Also, if you're on Pinterest, you will spend an eternity at her site. It's like a black hole. Of awesomeness.

I was totally kidding about the pageant mom stuff, fyi.


  1. I totally get you on the part about only doing hand motions, animal sounds, etc. so many times. Sometimes, especially during the school year, my ears just want quiet. But quiet is hard to come by with a child in the house.

  2. clap with the pig
    do a little jig
    bow to the the cow
    if you know how!
    with a stomp, and a whee
    and a fiddle diddle dee!
    the barnyard dance is all for me!

    love me some barnyard dancing!


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