Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Update

I have toooons of pictures from this past week and I'll post them soon! But here's an update on things in general.

We found out our neighbors got divorced. Super sad to hear that. Apparently, it was a very mutual decision and the ex-wife "couldn't be happier." She had been living in a rented house in another town with the kids while he was living here...that's why we never saw her anymore. Now, he's moved out (hence the moving stuff in and moving stuff out all in one day) and she moved back in with the kids. But, he still comes over to mow her yard...huh. And Rocky, their stupid shitzu, is unfortunately still alive and unfortunately still pooping in our yard, despite the fence. Unfortunately for him, I've hired a band of mercenary strays...your days are numbered, Rocky.

My kids ate a stack of flash cards.

We got to meet our nephew, Liam, for the first time and can I just say how stinking cute he is. I'm totally his can already tell.

I have discovered the magic of tabata training and I have downloaded an app to help me in my endeavors.

The colored streaks I put in my hair...gone. That lasted about 24 hours.

Oh gosh, I need to feed the kids. I'll post pictures later!

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