Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pix from the Weekend

Soooo sleepy.....

What's that hootin' and hollerin'...?

I know that sound!

Is it...??

It's Papaw!!! Whoa...he's a little scary up close.

But we love Papaw!


Storytime with Mamaw.

Pips, Harps, Papaw, and Julia Roberts

Reading in my Bubble Land O' Happy

Distraught by the tragedy of their great-grandfather being swallowed whole by Inflatazilla, our heroic twins attempt to rescue their beloved relative before the monster's gastric juices digest him completely.

It spit me back out, Papaw, hang in there! We're coming!

A quick hug and then it's back at the task at hand.

Their endeavor failed, Piper Lee throws her head back in dismay and cries out towards the heavens, "Whhyyyyy?! Why did Inflatazilla come here?? Why did it choose Earth? Banish it back to the merciless planet from whence it came!" Sorry, we've been watching Falling Skies.

10-niner...Uh, Curls Magoo, this is Upchuck Wagon, on the road to Houston. A friendly hello, we'll see you on the road, pardner. 10-4 out.

Roger that, Upchuck! Curls Magoo out.

Kithy Kithy!

Gray Cat looks sleepy.

Psst...Gray Cat, wake up.

Uh...Gray Cat?
Gray Cat's only line of defense against the overwhelming love of the twins...playing dead.


Jewelry dress up with Miz Di.

Hmm...hey, lady...looks like you got some more sparkly stuff on you. Don't be holding back on us, now.

Oh, this necklace is definitely me.

Girlfriend, don't you take my necklace.

Singing "Mairze Doats" with Miz Di, the same song she sang with us when we were wee little ones.

I have some videos of the girls over at Mamaw and Papaw A's, but I haven't loaded them yet. Papaw, I heard about the goldfish crackers...uh huh. :)

On Saturday, we got to see little Liam for the first time. Rebecca flew down from Ohio for a couple of weeks. Leems was born in February. Oh my word, look at that face. Such a charmer. And Liam's pretty cute, too.

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