Thursday, March 12, 2009


Things that gross me out...

1. Feet. Your feet, my feet, just feet. I don't like 'em. And yet, I like to take pictures of people walking, so...I dunno what's wrong with me...

2. Sticky. Sticky hands, sticky faces, kids' sticky hands, my sticky hands. I don't like it. I love waffles and Waffle House, but I have to be so careful when I pour syrup because 1. somebody before me was gross and made the bottle dirty and 2. I could get it on my hands, which would get on my clothes, which would get in the car, which would be there for all eternity. I love kids, but I don't want to touch their sticky hands and I don't want their sticky hands touching my face. 

3. Gum. I hate gum. I loathe gum. There's nothing about it that I like. It's just gross. When I was googling pictures of gum, I came across some archaeologists' website who claimed to have discovered a 7,000 year old piece of chewing gum. That's just stupid. As is gum.

4. Carpet. I don't mind carpet at all in the house. It's cozy and warm, blah blah. I don't like touching carpet with my bare hands or feet. I'm almost always wearing socks or shoes in the house and I have to sit on the area rug if I sit on the floor because I don't like touching carpet. I don't know why. It just feels weird. Some ppl don't like nails on a chalkboard, I don't like touching carpet. 

5. Things with more than four legs, but less than 30. I don't mind mammals of any kind and I don't mind caterpillars/centipedes. I do not like spiders, crabs, lobsters, shrimp or anything like that. It hurts me to talk about was difficult googling pictures. Ick. I feel like they're on me. Are they on me? BTW, the picture of the crab on the garbage can...that is a REAL STINKING CRAB. Now, I'll eat 'em all day long, cuz I looooove me some seafood, but I ain't touching it. I really feel like they're on me. 

6. Sushi. Gah-ross. Do not try to convince me that I will like this or that kind. I have tried EVERY KIND. And I DO NOT LIKE IT. Also, it's just packing down some rice, throwing a slab of fish or eel on there and jacking up the price. I mean, I can make THAT. It may not be pretty, but it'll be sushi. And it'd still taste like, oh, uhm, RAW FISH. 

7. Toothpaste. I brush my teeth three times a day...and every. single. time. I gag. Toothpaste is just nasty. When I think about toothpaste, I gag. I care about dental hygiene, yes I do, but doesn't mean I have to like it. 

8. The word "fester." It's just a disgusting sounding word. I mean, look at the definition. 

9. People who tan too much. A picture is all you need. Even the kid is grossed out.


  1. I am freaked out by most all the things you are - excpet for gum and carpet. I HATE cheap/scratchy carpet though so I know what you're talking about. But soft soft carpet - oh, bring on the bare feet!!!

  2. There is not one topic on here I disagree with, with the most adamant being tanorexia, sushi, and carpet. Oh I hate carpet.

  3. Great list - I also hate creepy crawly things and the crab would be my worst nightmare!

  4. gum is amazing.. you just hate it cause i would stuff it it in your face when we were little. And no way that is a real crab. Your like Dad with your SOCKS on the carpet, freak.

  5. i have found few areas in which we differ but i must beg to differ about gum and the word fester. i could chew and swallow 10 packs of gum a day if i would let myself. but i am afraid that much swallowed gum might completely stop me up so i stick with about a pack of gum a day. and as far as the word fester is concerned, i love that word. if the word fester is used then that usually means pus is present and i love pus!!

  6. Amen to the nasty kid hands! Because of my profession, I get to watch kids pick their nasty noses all day. I hate to even think about all of the places they touch and then I end up touching....ew!
    I think you should add "speedos" to the list...I mean who wants to see people in speedos??? barf!


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