Monday, March 2, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It March

Late last week, I was wearing short sleeves and flip flops...I wake up Sunday morning and see the North Pole in my yard, complete with reindeer and elves...or that might have been from the lack of contacts in my eyes, I dunno, but was snowing! To some, this may not seem such a big deal, but to us here, it's a huge deal. So, of course, the whole city shuts down and we unpack our fluffiest jackets, don our galoshes, slip on our mittens and caps and head outside, only to morph into 7 year olds.  

Everything was covered in pretty whiteness. It's amazing how white and pristine newly-fallen snow is. It's the whitest white I've ever seen. You couldn't mimic it in a painting. I wanted to make snow cream, but rethought that when I remembered we have a dog, our neighbors have a dog and who knows what goes on in the grass. 

Here's the front of the house. The yard was almost completely covered in the front.

Honah Lee (my car) and Ezme (David's car) were tucked in nicely by a blanket of snow.

Looking down the street.

The back/side yard. 

Our neighbors sliding down our hill. 

My snow angel...isn't she beautiful.
Silly, silly Davey Pooh saying "Please come have a snowball fight with me."

He tried, but I was victorious. Don't ever challenge me to a snowball fight.

Seumas, the snow dog. 

Our snowman buddy.

Yay for the snow!


  1. Hey guess what, our snow in Jackson was whiter than your snow...and deeper...and just generally more awesome!

  2. Hey guess what, your face in Jackson is sillier than my face...and dumber...and just generally more blah!

  3. both of ya'll stupid. Everybody knows that my snow down here in Southside was generally awesomer than the anywhere in the whole planet. So eat on that, homeschoolers.

  4. well, first of all...we're the only ones without ridiculous typos. #1 "both of y'all stupid." forgetting a verb? #2 "was generally awesomer than the anywhere" i don't even know where to start with that one. #3 "in the whole planet" it doesn't snow inside the planet, Sara.

  5. wow, i am so jealous that all three of you got to be in the snow whilst we only got cold, cold, windy, windy weather down here in geneva. noah, you didn't pray hard enough this time for geneva.

  6. That video felt like it should be playing in front of Clark W. Griswold, Jr. in his attic during Christmas while he's wearing women's clothing.


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