Monday, March 16, 2009

Surprises and Laundry Kitteh

So, I had had a pretty rough week last week and Sweet Pantsy Pie David came home Friday night early with three surprises...some beautiful roses, two cupcakes from the most fabulous bakery this side of the Pacific (Erin and Ben, God love your momma [in-law]),and the news that he didn't have to work on Saturday (that was my favorite surprise). He is such a darling and yes, he has spoiled me rotten. And then on Saturday morning, I was awoken by the fabulous smell of deliciousness and sweet Davey brought me breakfast in bed. Complete with fresh squeezed orange juice. I tell you what, there is nothing quite like fresh squeezed orange juice. 
I just had to brag on my wonderful husband for a second. Thank you, darling! 

On a completely separate and unrelated note...Blue the cat loves loves loves laundry baskets. She is obsessed with them. I don't know if it's a cat thing and they like to be inside stuff. And I know they like small, dark places (not unlike her heart), but well, she's just plain crazy about our laundry basket...which is blue. Before you view these pictures, please note that she CHOSE to get inside the basket...we didn't put her in there. If I'm doing laundry, she'll hop into the basket and just stare at me...I'll ask, "Do you want me to turn it over?" She hops out and promptly runs under the basket when I turn it over. I don't force her to go under. So, eat it, PETA. She'll stay in there for hours and sleep, stare, sulk...her normal stuff. Sometimes we will forget about her and we'll hear this faint little shuffle shuffle shuffle sliiiiide bump and wonder for awhile what it is and then remember, "OH, THE CAT!" I accidentally did that last night and she scooted the basket from the bedroom all the way into the living room and was bumping against the wall. But, she's cool about it. 


  1. too, must be a cat thing. she likes to be inside them or just lay on top of the clean clothes and leave her black hair all over them so i don't forget her. she sticks her paws through like that too and it makes me laugh, hard.
    hope this week is a better week!

  2. David and Billy must have been trading tips! I got flowers twice last week and got breakfast in bed too! Aww they are good boys aren't they?!?
    Love you guys!


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