Thursday, March 26, 2009


So, you know I love Lost...well, it's not so much that I LOVE it as that I've invested 5 years of my life into it and I just want to know what's going on. That's all. I just want to have ONE question answered. What do the numbers mean? What is the black smoke monster? Why do the Others never age? Why does Richard wear eyeliner? What is the point of the whole thing? 

I've also grown quite attached to the characters...Kate and Jack I could live without. All they do is whine. I like Sawyer and Juliet. I liked Charlie, but they killed him off. Claire...Locke...Jin...but my favorite person is Hurley. Four years ago, I dressed up as Hurley for Halloween...all you need is some ugly boots, long shorts, $2 worth of stuffing, a paint pen, and some scruff. I can't grow scruff, so I drew some on, along with eyebrows, with eyeliner. I forgot I had done that. Blue was looking through my pictures for some stuff for her blog and came across these. 

I literally caught a glimpse of them and thought, "eeeww, who's that dude?" Then I realized, "Oh gracious, that's ME!" Good times. You may not think it, but it took awhile to get my hair to do that.


  1. Gross!!! hahahahahahaha!!!

    Ruth Tinsley, you deliver.

  2. jorge garcia has a blog. has nothing to with the show.


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