Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What does the dogwood, cardinal and "Sic Semper Tyrannis" all have in common?

Virginia, of course!

Today was my second day in the state named after Queen Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen. It was a great day, a bit chilly, but whatcha gonna do about that, you know. I leave for ye ole hometown in the morning and even though I've had a fab time, I'm really looking forward to giving Davs a big hug and smooch! 

Here's some pictures of my adventures out and about in this historic piece of land filled with history and land. Historic green land. With mountains and beaches. 

Oh, did I mention that since I wasn't here very long, I didn't get to get out much and sight-see? But that's okay...I've been given some good tips on where to visit next time I come. This is me hard at work.

This is me driving to work in my sweet ride.

This is my awesome bed. I totally got lost in it a few times.

This is me testing out my awesome bed. Or me testing out my aerodynamicness.
So, my hotel has the BEST. COOKIES. EVER. Maybe not the best, but purty darn close. Top three, at least. But they only serve them at night, so you have to be quick. When David was with me last time, he'd grab some and then I'd come back later and grab some and he'd give them all to me. That way, I wasn't the little piggie staying in room 203. But this time, it was just me, so I had to be crafty. If nobody was at the front desk, I'd grab 2-3. I'd come back later and if someone was there, I'd grab 1-2. I pretty much just stored up like a squirrel. I ate 4 the first night and I've only gotten three for tonight, but I can tell already it's going to be a 5-cookie night, so I'll have to go back. 

Sweet David stowed some Cadbury Eggs into my backpack for me to find. What a darling. Thank you, puddin!

I got this drink at the airport. You'd think with all the organic junk they yammered on about on the front, it'd be a healthy drink. No. It's not. It has pretty much no nutritional value at all. In fact, I think it depleted my body of any organicness I had. Odwalla. Dumbwalla. 

Some buddies I work with (Stephanie, Justin and BJ) and I went out to dinner tonight to a place called Red Star Tavern.

It was in this super cute shopping center/park surrounded by cherry trees. Cherry blossom trees? Trees with cherry blossoms? Whatever they are. 

Let me tell you...it was incredible. The food was great, the service was great. But the best part was...we sat down and the waitress told us that on Tuesdays, they have a special deal. You can get any appetizer and any entree for $13...or any appetizer and any steak for $16. We didn't believe her, so we had to double-check...twice. Yep, it was real. So...yeah, we ordered a lot of food. A. lot. of. food. And it was wonderful. We got $134 worth of food for $58 (before taxes and tip). I ordered lettuce wraps and a Lemon Chicken Capavallalalalala, I don't remember the name. 


But, I still had room for cookies!!


  1. If I'm really really really really good and nice, will you bring me a cookie? K, thanks.

  2. I can only assume that you had written this entire blog in your head before you actually typed it. Thus explaining the pictures that accompany this very detailed blog. Am I right?

  3. You smoochin' up on that cookie is slightly disturbing. Does David get jealous?


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