Friday, March 27, 2009


So, yesterday afternoon I went for my usual walk/jog (I don't jog the whole way...because 1. I'm lazy and 2. I can't) and I was just heading out and one of the neighbors' teenage sons was out riding his skateboard. I'm guessing he's about, his brain hasn't completely developed his sense of reasoning yet. And I know he sees me coming. But, he's steady riding around the road and hopping some curbs and doing the flip thing with the board. 

As I'm approaching people, I always try to figure out whether they're a wave-to person or not. Some people are just grouchy and don't wave back, so why waste it. But others will come out and pick you up and swing you around if you wave at them, so I like waving at them...except I don't like to be picked up and swung around, so keep back. 

I figured he probably wasn't a wave-to guy, so I had decided not to wave at him, but as I got closer, I could see he was probably thinking the same thing. So, I went ahead and waved. He gave a little nod and said "Sup." Then, he decides to do his biggest skateboard trick of all...with one foot on, he pushes off and pushes pushes pushes and then two feet on and a little hop...up up up oooover the curb drain and then slip scuffle...arms waving about like a rag doll...ground. He totally ate it. Right on the sidewalk above the curb. The skateboard went flying behind him...shot out from under his foot like a torpedo. He just kind of stayed there on the concrete for a second. 

I was at the point in the street where, from his perspective, I may or may not have seen it and I had my earphones in, so I may or may not have heard it. So, I debated for a moment in my I turn to ask if he's okay? Do I let him think I didn't see anything to save him embarrassment? He seemed so proud of his skateboard stunts that I chose to let him think I missed the whole thing. He got up, dusted himself off, and grabbed his skateboard and kind of sulked away. You might think, "Geez, Ruth...ever heard of the Good Samaritan?" Well, you don't like it when people see you look a fool when you trip or fall, so I didn't want to embarrass him. Besides, he was fine. He's a teenager...they're durable.

But then I'm thinking, why do something ridiculous at which you don't know if you'll succeed or not right when someone is coming towards you? Why didn't he wait until after I passed? I will admit I smiled a little when I passed by, but I played it off as sun in my eyes. Crazy people. 

Not unlike another neighbor who, every time I walk by, is staring at the brick on the side of his house. I don't know what he's looking at, but it's something very interesting because he's always staring at it. And he's always wearing a business suit or slacks and penny loafers, so he apparently feels the need to dress up when he watches the brick. It's a special occasion. He's a wave-to guy. But after he waves back, his attention goes back to the wall. 

Or the lady that is ALWAYS in her yard gardening. She's always potting something or pulling weeds. She's all decked out in her hat, gloves, knee pads on her knees, knee pad on the ground, trowel, everything. But, the weird thing is...her flower beds never change. I always see her potting stuff, but her flower beds always looks the same. I'm thinking, "where does the stuff she plants go?" It's like she's gardening in another dimension and she just pots the plants in this one. She's a wave-to gal. 

Or the kids down the road that are always outside playing and riding their bikes or throwing a frisbee. And as I pass by, one of the little girls always comes and hugs me. I have no idea who she is, but she comes and hugs me. Scared me the first time. I feel these little arms snake around my waist and I'm like, "WHA--well, hello there, child."  "Hello. What are you doing?"  "Well, I'm going for a walk, what are you doing?" "Noooothing..." as she grins widely and spins back and forth like she really needs to go. And then I'm thinking, does she hug everybody, cuz maybe her parents need to have a talk with her...we've all heard the "don't take candy from a stranger" talk, but there needs to be a "don't hug a stranger" talk. Not everybody is a nice as me. I always pat her on the head and say "I'll see you later!" and she trots off with a giggle and wave. I think she thinks I'm someone else. It's very strange. But sweet. Free hug on my walk. 

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