Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Did You Write Your Babies' Names On Their Arms?

Yes, yes I did. Why? Because, turns out, they're identical twins...not fraternal like we all originally thought. Hardy har. So, instead of it being Charleston and Bermuda, it's more like Charleston A and B because they split from one alien ball o cells. I told Dr. Mac I wasn't coming in anymore if every time we had an ultrasound, we got a little surprise. So, we had our 10 weeks (and 4 days, thank you) check-up yesterday afternoon....took fooooreeeevvveeeerrrr. Apparently, I have about three "long" appointments and that was one of them. First, I had an ultrasound...a belly one this time, thank goodness. And the tech is all like, "Didn't Dr. Mac say they were di-di (fraternal)?" and I'm like, "Yes, he did." And she says, "Well...hmm...these are identical. I'm seeing one blah blah sac and two inside blah blah sacs...so, that would make them mono-di twins." I'm just laying there like, "Well, whatever that means." So, they call in Dr. Mac and he confirms, stating that the belly ultrasound machine is higher resolution than the other (hated) machine, so they can see the entire thing better and sho nuff...there's one big main sac and two individual sacs inside with a little baby in them. And apparently, that's a good thing because being inside the same inner-sac gives them a chance to fight and get tangled and we don't want that. I'd rather them be outside to fight. Also, I hate the word "sac," so I'm changing it to "space pod." So, basically, the childrens are in one big space pod and two individual pods inside the big one, just hanging out.

SO ANYWAYS. They're identical. I would have bet my right arm...well, maybe my left arm...that we were having a boy and girl...but now I have no idea. My mom is adamant they're girls, so I'm gonna go with girls. I think it's two curly, red-headed girls. David, just to disagree, is saying they're boys. We really don't care...as long as they're one or the other. I just want them to be healthy and good cooks like their dad. 

David had the ultrasound lady check "just in case" to see if there was another one in there, because you just never know. And there's just the two, so we're good. Anyways. Then, we met with Dr. Mac to talk about this and that and he poked on my tummy and my uterus just loved that. Then I had to go get some blood drawn. And the lady that normally draws my blood is a really good needle sticker. And I don't watch when she does it. But this time, she goes, "Oh, that's the worst stick I've ever done. The needle is barely in...do you want to see? You can totally see the needle right in your vein." And I'm like, "No, I'm good...thanks." "No, really, look...it's cool!" "THANKS. I'M GOOD." But, she finally finished and I looked over and she had filled FIVE VIALS with my blood. Greedy much? Usually, it's just the one vial. I'm like, "Got enough there, vampire nurse? I'm sure there's a few drops left in there, Dracula. Might as well take it all."  

I know I'm supposed to be all...awww, my babies...and cry when I see the ultrasound. And I love these two suckers more than anything and I'd give my life for them every second of every day...but to be honest 1) I'm too pukey to be all jumpy and excited about it. and 2)Y'all...ultrasounds are freaky. Just think about it...you can see them moving and jerking around and waving and saying stuff. And they're in there. And they're naked. And it's creepy. I'm sorry. But, it's creepy. 

So, here's the ultrasound. It's maybe 4 minutes, but every now and then, you can see them go POW POW! Kick in the face, sibling! BOING! WHAZZUP?! So, that's fun to watch. And you can see the two space pods inside the big one. 


  1. them thars my grandyounguns!! i shor am cited bout them!!! two red curly haired gals!! that's my prediction.

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  3. Love it!!! I could watch them move their stubby little arms and legs all day long :)

  4. awww the little aliens... so cute!!!

  5. I LOVE THEM!!! I can't wait for them to get here and play with McNugs! Love you guys, ALL of you!


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