Thursday, July 9, 2009

What To Talk About Today...

Well, I don't have a story or any pictures or any wise anecdotes (are any of my anecdotes wise?) today, but I promised Jenny I'd write something, so here you go...

My Mom came up to visit yesterday and is staying with us until tomorrow morning. She is the best mom. I have the best parents...I really do...I'm sorry, but I have them. She came bearing gifts...chicken lasagna (which I have been dying to have), pasta salad, chicken salad and grape salad...soo much of it and all of it fabulous. Thank you, Momma. Sara came over and we all had a wonderful supper. Mom also brought me and Sara some Hello Kitty notecards and stationery, wooden artist model dolls (I love those things), and a cat hat for Blue. I will obviously take a picture of Blue in the hat for's too perfect...and Blue really seems to love she loves so many things in life. She also got the babies their first pairs of socks...running socks for 0-6 month olds. Which is, of course, great because they will be out running soon after they're born. 

Miz Di (Dianne), my Mom's BFF and my second mother, sent me an email the other day about Ed Freeman, a Vietnam war vet who flew in an unarmed Huey helicopter and saved 30 wounded soldiers who were under heavy enemy fire when all of the other Medi-Vac helicopters were ordered to stop flying in. He flew in 13 times to grab those guys. He got the Medal of Honor. And he died last week at 80 years old. And nobody even knew. Because the media was too concerned with Michael Jackson (if I hear one more thing about him....). Anyways. Go read up on Ed Freeman. He was a great guy and a great American. 

Alrighty, I'm gonna go eat my waffles and get to work, but I'll leave you with a little poem about my new friend Zofran. 

I was throwing up all the time
The twins were like, "Nope, we don't want that." 
So, I asked Dr. Mac..."Dude, you gotta give me something."
And he said, "Sure thing...I'll prescribe you some Zofran." 

I went to Walgreens to pick it up...that was a good day
The pills are tiny, but even so, I cut them in half
Cuz I only got eight, but now I got sixteen...sixteen...sixteen
Of these little yellow pills called Ondansetron...a.k.a. Zofran.

I take it around lunchtime and boy, it surely helps
I haven't chucked any ups since the weekend...miracle!
I still don't feel 100%, but tons better than before
Thank you Dr. Mac for my Zofran. 

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  1. Send yo momma my way. I want some chicken lasagna and a variety of salads. gracious sakes that sounds good.


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