Thursday, July 16, 2009

SECOND TRIMESTER, BABY!! or, babies...

So, it's here...the second trimester. I guess I thought I'd wake up with ZERO nausea, I'd feel 110% myself again, I'd have the most beautiful, clear skin EVER, and I'd look like a babied Heidi Klum. 

None of these things happened. 

I don't understand. 

I'm thinking the doctors and nurses and friends were just giving me an estimate, not an exact date. So, I think I should have read into it..."You'll feel SO much better once you reach your second trimester........maybe." But, that's okay. I'm just glad to know it's downhill from here. Well, until the third trimester when I look like a dirigible and until the kids actually come and I have to be responsible and stuff. 

Speaking of being responsible...I am very upset. Ann Claire, my majestic palm plant in the breakfast room, is DYING...I mean, she is dying. She was doing so great. I think, I THINK, I forgot to water her for a few weeks. I've kept her alive for over a year and I let this happen. And it got me worried...what if I forget to water the babies? What if I forget to set them out in the sun to get some vitamin-enriched rays? I have zero motherly instinct. And I thought once I got babied, it would just hit me and I'd be like "Oh, I know exactly how to be a mom." But no...I let Ann Claire almost die. And Ann Claire is a plant. Sigh. 

I am feeling somewhat better...not 100%, but better than a few days/weeks ago. I've only thrown up once in the past week and a half...which is a HUGE deal. The day I threw up, Monday, is the day I forgot my Zofran. Silly me. It's a sad story. Sara came over to swim with me for exercise. We ate a plum before we went swimming...delicious plums...swam for about 40 minutes. It felt great. Got out. Swallowed some water the wrong way, started coughing, gagged...had to rush to the bathroom. Red plums chunks everywhere. I got worried for a second because I thought, "Oh wow...I threw up my stomach." But nope, it was just the plum. Man, that plum cost me $.40. 

I didn't get a picture of the rat dog. Probably because I haven't left the house since 1927. But, I am venturing out today. Lunch with some friends!

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  1. If keeping plants alive were an indication of mothering ability, my kids would have died years ago. A while back the kids bought Brenda a planter that holds three plants. The refer to it as death row.


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