Monday, July 27, 2009

Le Botanique Gardens

This weekend, our good friends Billy and Beth and their cutie patootie son Carter came to visit us. We had a great weekend! It was the best I've felt in a looooong time...night time is still a hassle...but the afternoons were great. On Saturday afternoon, we went to the Botanical Gardens. I love going there. It's so peaceful and serene and it smells good. And, hey, it's free. Woot! Here's some pictures. 

As we were walking through the Woodland section, we came across this shrine left to this tiny blossom. Kind of creepy. A little Blair Witch...

Captain Morgan and Beth

Carter...he was very enthusiastic about the gardens at first.

Me and the Davs

I love bamboo.

You never know what lurks in your bamboo plants.

We also spotted some Bamboo Jungle creatures. Look how cute and cuddly. 


Carts makes the best faces when you do The Claw. 
Look, it's the Pope blessing me. Tee hee!

Dad = free ride. 

Lily pond.

13 weeks and 2 days...Me, David and the two 3" shrimp babies.

Me and the Bethers

Beth, Billy and McNugget

Awww...they're kicking so hard!
I win. 

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  1. YAY! We had a great time and already miss you guys like crazy! Love you 4!


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