Wednesday, July 1, 2009

O Canada

Today is Canada Day. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our friendly neighbor up north for a few things that they've given us. 

1. Politeness - they're saw nice. And they rarely lie. And I appreciate that. 

2. Superman - yep...they invented Superman. 

3. Chocolate bars - I don't even have to say anything aboot this one. I - I just...thank you, Canada. 

4. Ginger Ale - always there to cure an upset stomach or add a refreshing surprise to any drink. 

5. The walker - Mr. Frederickson in Up wouldn't be half the man he was withoot his walker. 

6. Instant mashed potatoes - who can say no to those. 

7. The zipper - I, for one, am extremely grateful for this one. 

8. Television - where would this world be withoot Lost, 24, the news...well, probably a lot less stuck to the TV, but still. 

9. Paul Gross - well, he's just pretty. 
10. Trivial Pursuit - even though this game annoys me, I still rule at it. It always feels good to dominate people who pretend they're saaaaaw smart, but really just read all of the questions and answers while on the toilet. 

11. Maple Syrup - I'm not 100% sure aboot this one...I know we have Vermont, but they have a maple leaf on their national flag, so I'm sure they had something to do with syrup. 

12. Celine Dion - even though I spent 75% of my life thinking she was from Italy. 

13. A good buddy for Alaska - cuz we don't want Alaska to get lonely up there. 

14. Half of Niagara Falls - you can just swim across and be in America if you want. I don't recommend that, though. 

15. The Loonie - their $1 coin is called a Loonie...after the bird pictured on it. And that's just plain funny. 

Well, that's aboot all the time I have today. Saw, thank you, Canada, for a lot of stuff. You're a good friend and you have a pretty home. Oh, and thanks for sending the geese down in the winter...they're fun to watch. 

Happy Canada Day! 

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