Friday, July 17, 2009

In the News

I don't have a ton of time this morning, so I'll just fill you in on a few things. 

Giant Humboldt squid are attacking divers who are swimming after the giant squid off the coast of San Diego. Here's a thought...stop swimming with the squid. They don't go shopping downtown San Diego and bother you, do they? 

Crocs might be going out of business. I'm kind of sad. I mean, no one wears Crocs much anymore, but still. Well, I wear my flip-flops and my Georgie boots because they make me walk super fast. Poor Crocs. Remember the days we were all wearing ugly shoes? Those were good times. 

Apparently, there are six foods we all should be eating more that we're not. You know, "they" say that, so we should probably listen. Here they are...celery. I eat celery a lot. I don't understand why it's so healthy, though. It's grass-flavored water in a stalk form. Seaweed...uh, no. I've tried it before and it does NOT taste like collard greens...that waiter was a liar. Dark meat...well, whatever. It all tastes the same to me. Scallops...they're like eating ten-year old marshmallows that taste like fish. They have a lot of protein, though. Hmmm...I think I'll stick with chicken. Hemp seeds...what are those? Is that like, baby marijuana? Lentils...I'll eat those over baby marijuana any day. 

Alrighty...have a great weekend and stay cool. I had NO idea I would be this hot. Well, that's obvious of course...but, silly you, I meant temperature-wise. The surface of the sun has relocated to my yard and I'm afraid I will combust if I walk outside. They said one baby is like having an internal heater...well, I have two heaters and I'm quite warm and irritable about it. 

Anyways. I'll be back on Monday with the story about the Irish Thimble. 


  1. I love your description of barf... and the baby marijuana...I don't think so!
    I'll stick to my powdered sugar donuts and cookies!

  2. I don't know about hemp seeds, but hemp milk in smoothies is SO GOOD! And I can't believe you even tried seaweed, I'm proud!


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