Tuesday, June 1, 2010

5 Months

This weekend was pure fabulousness. It stormed the whole time, which was dumb, and ruined our inflatable pool
(WITH SHADE...now for only $29.99...complete with creepy, stereotypical atomic family that obviously consists of models because the parents are about the same age as the children) plans with the twins. But that's okay, because we had plenty of indoor fun. And by fun, I mean David let me go back to bed after we fed the girls and he watched them...sooooooo wonderful.

We ventured out on Saturday to Target and spent about 2.5 hours shopping. We get groceries and supplies once a month (it's not as easy for me to get out and get our groceries like I used to) and it was definitely time. We split up...I took a kid, David took a kid. I was in the baby clothing section (they've outgrown the last batch of stuff I got them) and there was this older lady there with me...pushing what looked like a 6-year old boy in a cart. The boy asked, "What are we shopping in here for?"

The lady replied, "We're buying something for Stephanie's baby. Remember? Little Rose?"

"Oh yeah. How come that says newborn? What's newborn?"

"Newborn is when a baby is just born and for a few months after. A little baby. Awww, like this one." That's when they noticed Harper in my cart. The lady walked up and smiled. Harper beamed. Harps and Pipes will smile at anything, these big, toothless grins. So, the lady was just tickled to death. She continued her baby lesson with the boy..."See, this is a newborn. Look how precious." I thanked her and they moved on...the boy, not finished with his questions...

"Do you like babies?"

"Yes, I like babies."

"Then how come you don't have one."

(long, silent moment) "Well, I have you and your brother...my great-nephews. That's all I need."

"Aunt Elizabeth...I'll be your baby if you want."

"Awww, that is very kind of you." Then she hugged him.

It was one of those conversations that was...weird...but also, someone should make a movie about that. Starring Richard Gere and...no no Javier Bardem...and Diane Lane. Like, this lady that was never married and never had kids, but really wanted that life. And she adopted her great-nephews after their parents died and then met this man that swept her off her feet. Geez, that sounds like a million movies already made. Oh well. I thought it was a sweet moment. Moving on.

We went to the mall and I got the cutest dresses for the girls' dedication on Father's Day. Also at the mall is the girl with the WORLD'S SHORTEST AND TIGHTEST SHORTS. Of course, we were right behind her. I wanted to get a picture, but I was on the phone with Sara at the time. Geez, Sara. You should know when to hang up. I'm just wondering how in the world she got into those shorts. Anyway, she might be still there, she looked like a chronic maller...so, if you're in the area, go see for yourself. They're ridiculous.

The girls turned 5 months on Sunday. Yay! They're my little adult babies. They hate laying down now, but can't sit up on their own yet. They like the Bumbos and jumperoos. They want to stand up, but obviously can't, so we have to hold them up...as long as someone is there to help them keep their balance, they just about stand up on their own. When they're on their tummies, they've started pulling their knees up under them...I don't know when they're supposed to be crawling, but I'm ordering a horse corral to contain them in the living room because I think they're getting close and I don't know if ankle chains are considered humane. We've had to starting putting the crib divider in there with them at night. A few nights ago, we woke up only to find Harper's head where her feet were when we laid her down for the night and Piper Lee's head on Harper's tummy...have no idea how they got like that. So, we've separated them. It's kind of sad because they'll talk louder to each other over the great wall. It's like prison inmates plotting their escape. They hate their pacifiers now. The only time they'll take them is when they're on the verge of sleep and even then sometimes they'll take it just to humor us and as soon as we turn our backs...PTHOW...out. I guess that's a good thing, though. I know some people have trouble with their kids not giving up a pacifier. That's what happened with Noah. He was 14 before he gave it up. I'm definitely looking forward to the coming months. Every day is more fun than the previous and every stage is totally new and exciting. They laugh at everything, at you (WITH you, not AT you), at each other. It makes me wet my pants to see them laughing at each other. Hysterical. Oh my word, it's SO much fun!!

This Saturday was mine and David's 6 year anniversary! Yay!! Six years. The best six years. I'm looking forward to the next rest of our lives. David and I agreed before we got married, no anniversary presents. We would do anniversary trips instead. I'd rather take a trip than get a present. Well, we just decided we would save this year's trip for another year because we have the twins and all. Saturday night, David made us all a fabulous anniversary dinner. The twins had pan-seared, pecan-crusted salmon with a citrus mango salsa, garlic-baked asparagus, homemade rolls, and key lime pie...and David and I had puréed squash and formula. Wait...........that's not right. Anyways. After the girls went to bed, David asked, "What are your plans for October?" I answered with, "Uhh...work...and twins." He said, "Do you think you could spare a week with me to head south to the Caribbean?" "UH, YES, PLEASE!" He planned a cruise for us in October...complete with my parents keeping the girls for us! YAY!! Thanks, Mom and Dad and Hugsy Bear! Best EVAH! (Justin, can I be gone a week in October?) You know I loooooove me some cruisin'. And he broke the no-gift rule and got me something sparkly, too, so my dumb gift of a Foxtail game (that I thought was a hysterical gift, because we played Foxtail all the time in college) seemed kind of lame after that. But I watched Daybreakers and Avatar with him, so he seemed happy about that. He is the best. Gracious, I love that man. So, super excited about my time alone with Davey Pooh. I was going to post some of our wedding pictures, but I'm too lazy to scan them in right now. And I've done a post before with wedding pictures, but for the life of me, I cannot find it. So, if you know which post it is, let me know. Now it's not so much for the pictures, but for my own sanity because I KNOW I've posted them before...but where are they? Katie Christmas, do you know?

I figured you'd rather see pictures of the gals anyways, so here you go. And yes, I dressed them alike. I don't know what's happening to me.

Mmmmm...you look good enough to eat...

Nom nom nom nom nom...

Whatever. Weirdo.

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  1. so now you are dressing them alike:) next thing i know they will have bows in their hair:)


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