Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's S-H-O-T-S Day

Boooo...we don't like S-H-O-T-S day. We spell it out around the girls because they're learning certain words. Like, when we say TREAT, they wiggle their little tails...and when we say PLAY DEAD, they roll over on their ba---wait, no, that's not right. But today is their 6-month check-up with Dr. Reminds. I'm very interested to see how much the gals weigh and how tall they are. They've started slimming down, but they weigh about as much as a cinder block, so...I guess they're getting taller. Their feet hang out of their car seats, swings, bouncers, etc. They're not little babies anymore...ha, how many times a day do moms around the world say that.

Они нет маленьких младенцев больше. No son pequeños bebés más. Non saranno piccoli bambini più. Ils ne sont plus de petits bébés. Sie sind nicht kleine babys mehr.

Yes, I am very fluent in Googling translators.

But seriously, those suckers grow up fast. I'm guessing they weigh about 17ish pounds each. I don't know how many shots they get today, but we've got the baby Tylenol ready to go. Do babies go back in for a 9-month appointment? Or just the 1-year appointment? It'd be awesome if we could not have to go back for another 6 months. Don't get me wrong, our pediatrician is fantastic. We LOVE him. But, they're always super busy and the wait is foooreevvveeerrrr....we always take snacks with us, catch a few zzzzzz's on the creepy examining table, play games like Perquacky and Rummy with the girls. I'll try to get some pictures today. There's a chart on the back of the doors that I don't quite understand...it's a scale that ranks a child's pain based on facial expressions. Whaaaaat? Because, as we all know, every child makes the same face when they're feeling a 4. I dunno...maybe it's a joke.

I'll let you know how fat they are tomorrow!

As I've said before, the girls hate car rides. The first two hours, they do great. The last however long, one of us sits in the back between them and dances and juggles and sings to them to keep them entertained. Here is David singing the girls' favorite song...in case you don't know the words, I've included the lyrics:

Ooooooohhhhhhhh, the Piper and the Harper should be friends. (yee haw)
Oh, the Piper and the Harper should be friends. (yee haw)
One of 'em likes to push a plow, the other 'un likes to chase a cow.
But that's no reason why they can't be friends. (repeat)

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  1. I think long car rides must get worse with age, because I am getting to tired of car-entertaining....We're going to break down and get a travel dvd player for our next trip...Maybe the twinsleys need some Yo Gabba Gabba or Baby Einstein for their rides....but your song is great!


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