Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On A Walk

Here are some more pictures from one of my daily walks on Le Driveway.

Tomorrow (or possibly the next day), Dad wrangles a rattlesnack...and by wrangles, I mean he shot it. And I got it on video.


Wicker deer inhabit the front garden...under the haint tree.
Half a rainbow.
The other half.
It's a gittin' dark. Scarecrows!!!!!
The turtle hole.
Blackberries on the bush. Oddly enough, our goat, Blackberry, used to eat blackberries. Have I ever told y'all we used to have goats? Lots of them. They would eat blackberries. Subsequently, we named one of them Blackberry. She was black. And had an underbite.
Blueberries. We had a goat named Blueberry, too. She was also black. No underbite.
Another turtle hole. I like to think there are different turtle families. Like Italian mobster families. And they have territories. And mob wars along the driveway. I don't know how turtles fight. I think they just butt shells......and chomp.......chomp........hissss...take that, other turtle.
Ole Crooked Magee down the road put up this fence.
The parents. See, Mom, your shirt isn't inappropriate from a distance. I didn't have to censor it.
But, I will if you want me to. There, that looks much better.
The sky.

The unabridged story of Flea and Gray Cat.
The End.

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  1. I think our post-off should just restart every time I make a post...that way won't have to lose so much!


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