Monday, June 28, 2010

Why is there such a day as Monday? Who came up with Mondays? Was it the Mayans? Ugh.

So, Saturday, Mom and I came back home. It's good to be in my own bed. I have the most comfy pillow and mattress. And the most comfy man. I surely missed him. I'm also a little bit sad because, although Mom is staying with me until Thursday morning, after that...I'm on my own for forever. Or, what seems like forever. This will be the longest I've been without help since the girls were born. I'll be by myself all of July and half of August. Which probably doesn't seem like a huge deal. But working 45+ hours a week, doing all of the housework, and taking care of twins from 6 a.m. until 6:45 p.m. is a tad bit overwhelming. David works 50+ hours a week and God bless him, he helps me so much when he's here and on the weekends and lets me take a break, but he can't be here during the, I'm very thankful when I do have help. Mom is going on a two-week trip out West with my grandparents and Peter. Being almost 4 hours away makes it hard to drive down for just a few days, so I'll just be praying hard. And the girls really are perfect. I couldn't ask for more wonderful babies. If it weren't for them, David and my Mom...this blog would be titled "Dispatches from the Crazy House."

Back when we found out we were pregnant, one of the first things I bought was a Beaba Babycook baby food maker. I thought, "Shoot, I'm going to save as much money as I can and make their baby food. This will be EASY!" So, the gals arrive, I can't wait for them to be able to eat solids and then, we start making their food. And....THEY HATE IT. So, we make batches of the same stuff, thinking "Maybe the veggies weren't that good." We make batches of new stuff...THEY HATE IT. I taste it...tastes wonderful. THEY HATE IT. And it's not like they just won't eat it very, they gag and throw up. You would think they were on Fear Factor and I was feeding them puréed earthworms. It's one of the funniest things. We've tried adding apple juice. We've tried mixing things together. Nothing works. So, we gave up. The twins win. Jarred food it is. Now, we have a lifetime supply of frozen squares of puréed carrots and sweet worries, David's making us muffins with the leftovers. I'm saving the Beaba for Sara in case she fares better with her childrenses. I think we might try some fruits with it, though. We've let them suck on melon and watermelon and blueberries (chill out, we held it with our fingers while they licked it) and they loved it, so I think homemade fruit will still be fine. We tried carrots and sweet potatoes yesterday and they gagged all over the soon as I broke out the jarred sweet potatoes, you would have thought it was me eating chocolate. And it's not one of those, "Keep trying, they'll eventually like it" situations. I've tried. They don't like it. I like it. But, I can't make them eat food until they're like 2 or something and then it's "You're not getting up from that table until you have a happy plate." But until then, those angels get whatever they want.

Yesterday, David and I were going to go on an impromptu date to see Toy Story 3. We fed the girls, put them down for the night and Mom was like, "Y'all head out!" We drive out of the neighborhood and I realize how late we'll be getting back home and I knew it'd be Monday the next day, so I said, "Let's go back home and watch House instead." We stopped by Walgreens and picked up some Toblerone bars (one for me, one for Mom...Mom, they're hanging on the pantry door, btw) and when we drove up to the house, I pulled out my Flip and went to the back door. One of the greatest things in the world is scaring Mom. We all do it. She scares very easily. That's where I get it from. I don't scare easily. I'm very brave and I will punch you if you try to scare me.'s what I do...
Oh, that crazy lady.

Edit: I just watched the video on the post itself and the part where she freaks out and grabs her chest doesn't show up very well because of the resolution. Just know that her face was hilarious.

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