Monday, June 21, 2010


It's like Face/Off the movie, but better. That's a good movie., Nicolas Cage, you.

I'll post soon about our fabulous Father's Day weekend, but first things first.

Jamee challenged me to a blog post-off this Summer.............I accept, Jameeroo. You're going down. Downtown. get some diapers for Lillian and maybe some ingredients for supper toni--okay, so it's obvious that I'm not the best with smack talk, but I make up for it with sheer awesome power. And since today is the first day of Summer, here goes...

Hey, look what's in the bowl...
MORE BUTTER CUPS! They're smaller, but just as effective.

A leaf.

The sun.

Mom and Dad have a new stray cat that eats Flea's food. He's gray. I've named him Gray Cat.

Two baby foxen (heh) and one foxy mama have made their home under the pool deck. They play on the pool cover and chase butterflies. Katie Christmas, I got some video of the mom this morning.

Tomorrow, more Monster Babies.

Bring it, Jamee!


  1. Oh crap! I guess I shouldn't talk smack if I'm not 100% prepared! I better post something quick! Although I'm in the midwest, so I do have another 4 1/2 hours...technically...

  2. and oh yeah...... its already been brought-en!


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