Thursday, October 7, 2010

Big and Bigger

So, we went to see Dr. Reminds on Tuesday for the girls' 9-month check-up. They weighed and measured them and he came in and said, "Well, I need a new chart for Piper, because she doesn't register on mine. And Harper's not far behind." He said one wasn't smaller than the other...they were "Big" and "Bigger". Piper Lee's measurements are off the charts and Harper is in the 90-95%. That's why it looks like we're toting around teenagers. He said they were advanced in their development (crawling, standing, taking steps, pinching, talking, etc.), Ruth said, beaming with pride.

He asked if they responded to their names yet and I said, "Well, they respond pretty well to 'Piper! Harper! Whoever you are! Do not bite that cord!'"

They had to get another round of shots, which I hate, but I know it's necessary. They had to get their blood drawn to test for anemia, I think, and Piper Lee hated it, of course. But, Harper just GLARED at the lady with death rays the entire time...never flinched. Of course, I panic thinking she's got CIPA (there goes another entry in the Ruth Freaks Out Over Nothing Book), but then I remembered the hysterical shot episode only moments before. And I also realized I watch too much House, M.D.

They were perfect the entire time. Even Dr. Reminds said they're such sweet babies, always smiling and talking. Shucks. I realize how blessed and fortunate we are...aside from Harper's week-long stay in the NICU, they've been perfectly healthy and they're growing and developing so well. I couldn't be prouder or more happy. And I'm definitely not going to take what we have for granted.

In other, extremely awesome news...
David passed part two of the CPA!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!! So excited and SO proud of him! Two down, two to go.

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