Thursday, October 14, 2010

MOM, No More Pictures!

I don't know if the girls get tired of me taking their pictures, but I'm gonna do it anyways. They make the goofiest, sweetest, most precious faces. Little hams.

They weren't in love with the grass. With the onset of cooler weather, it gets dry and prickly and that's no fun to crawl in. And also, they have a teensy bit of diva in them. Well, Harper mainly.

But, then we got them to smile.

Okay, it's not so bad. I can handle this.

Ahhh, I'm getting upset again. This is my nervous smile.

I don't like this grass! It's mean.

Relax, sister.

Lean back...let your belly hang's all good.

Now I don't like the grass!

So, we brought in back-up...a.k.a. Blue the cat. They LOOOOOOOVE Kitty.

She's getting closer. I can see her!


I called to Harper and she crawled towards me...

And promptly spit her pacifier out in my lap.

This doesn't even look like my kid.

Our homemade T30 shirts from Tiffany's birthday party!

Hmmmmmm...maybe go change your shirt. And those pants. Actually, you probably just shouldn't be out in public right now. That is our joint, expert opinion.

Plagued by the fears of sister mutiny, Harper grows suspicious of her twin sibling.


I told you I would find you. Smokey Pete always finds the rat. Come 'ere...a little closah...a little closah...thaaaat's right. You betrayed me. You betrayed my fahmily. This is not good. I hope you've said your prayers today.

Frow us up in the air, Daddy!

My turn!


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  1. Wish I lived next door! Love getting a glimpse of your precious girls and even Blue. Wait, don't tell Blue what I said.


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