Monday, October 11, 2010

Empty Pool

This weekend, we headed south for Papa's (David's dad) birthday lunch! We had such a good time and the gals had a blast. You can tell they like getting out and going places and seeing new people. I think they get tired of seeing just me and being in the house all the time. And they always take the best naps when we've had a little trip. So, everybody's happy.

GranJan and Papa have this awesome swing on their front porch and we all communed there for a little while Saturday afternoon and swung. It felt so nice outside. It was a great day!

We stayed with my parents over the weekend and when we got there late Saturday afternoon, Mom watched the girls while David and I went outside to be ridiculous. The 'rents are redoing their pool. They've completely gutted the pool deck and landscaping...starting over. It's going to look amazing when it's finished. The pool has been covered for the past year, so when they took the top off, Mom said it looked and smelled like the Bog of Eternal Stench. They drained it and now it's just sitting there, a concrete chasm...its curved mouth yawning as though waking from a long slumber, yearning for water (ha, that was dramatic)...waiting for it's new surfacing. But, that's not all it's good for.

Empty pools are perfect for apprehensive teenagers and Tony Hawk wannabe's. Perfect for David and I to shoot ANGST, our emotion-filled journey discovering who and what and something and longing and neverending. Captured for eternity in our souls and through the lens of a camera. A phone camera.

We present ANGST...oh, pay no attention to my Hershey's shirt...I'm bitter and worrisome.

Without further ado...ANGST.

I call this one Weltschmerz.

I call this one Disquiet.

I call this one Mistrust.

I call this one The Blues.

I call this one Solicitude.

I call this one Botheration.

I call this one Misgiving.

I call this one Foreboding.

I call this one Concern.

I call this one Unrest.

I call this one Cat and Girl, a Lonely Duet.

I call this one Bête Noire.

I call this one Qualm and the Diving Board.

I call this one Cat and Boy, a Lonely Duet, Part Two.

I call this one Emo Cat.

I call this one Hello, Humans.

I call this one Curly Doubt.

I call this one Recreancy.

I call this one Spin Around. What Do You Mean 'Spin Around'? I Mean, Spin Around Like You're Longing and Angry and Bitter About Something and I'll Take The Picture. Well, How Fast? Fast Enough to Where It Doesn't Look Like You're Standing Still. I Don't Know What You Want Me to Do. For the Love...Just Spin!!

We hope you've enjoyed ANGST. We put our blood, sweat, and tears into this project of the heart. No, literally, I cut my finger on a broken tile and it was kind of warm outside.


  1. i call you weird:)

  2. Thank you for that laugh on this Monday morning!!!

  3. If you ever wonder why people read your blog it's because you're seriously funny. I always lol (I know cliche) when I read your posts.

  4. This is my favorite place to visit on the internet. Thank you for the happiness this blog brings our office!


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