Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Today is the gals' 9-month check-up with Dr. Reminds. I'll update tomorrow with what we find out. I think their weight gain has slowed down a little and they move around all over the place, so they've slimmed up some. My back rejoices.

We got the lab results back from the doctor's office on Piper Lee. Turns out, she's not a baby...she is a human-Hershey Kiss hybrid. I did eat a good bit of chocolate when I was pregnant. No, actually, it was just what they thought, an irritated zit..."quite common in the diaper area of crawling babies." Who knew. And now it's completely disappeared, so I was like, "Well, thanks for the super helpful info." All of that for a zit. I even had to deal with the receptionists again.

Ruth: Hi, this is Ruthaloo. I'd like to make an appointment with Dr. Reminds. My daughter, Piper Lee, has an odd bump on her leg and I just wanted to have it checked out.

Receptionist: Okay. And what is your daughter's name?

Ruth: Here we go. It's Piper Lee.

Receptionist: Piper Lee. Okay. And who is her doctor?

Ruth: Dr. Reminds.

Receptionist: And this is her 18-month check-up?

Ruth: No. I just needed to bring her in because she has a weird bump I want looked at to make sure it's nothing.

Receptionist: And which daughter is this for?

Ruth: When I see you later this afternoon, I will throw something large at you.

So, mark this experience as entry #1 in the Ruth Freaks Out Over Nothing Book. But then again, better safe than sorry. What if it HAD been a spider egg nest.........blegh.

On a separate note, David was replenishing Blue's food and water in the garage last night and looked up and saw this pair of green eyes staring back at him from on top of the motorcycle. A gray cat was super cozy on the sheepskin seat cover. David calls me and I peek into the garage and it had me worried for a second because I thought, what if this thing is mean like Blue? And I spoke softly and said, "Hi, kitty. Are you sweet?" He jumped down and trotted towards me and rubbed on my legs, so I figured we wouldn't die at the hands–eh, paws–of a ruthless, furry mercenary that night. I wanted to name him Slim for the time being, because he was skinny. But, David checked his collar for an I.D. tag and much to his chagrin, skinny gray cat's name was...Elvis. Of all the names in the world. And as I reached down and petted him, I realized he was a Rex cat. Uh, yeah, a fancy cat. He was very well taken care of. We looked up the address and phone number on his tag and he was pretty far from home. We texted a message saying we had Elvis and he was safe and warm and to call to arrange a pick-up. Nothing yet. Blue snuck back in the garage later that night and they apparently co-habitated together without eating each other, so I think Blue's growing up. But, David sent me a text message this morning on his way to work and it said, "Elvis is in the garage." Not a text message you get every day.

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  1. If you don't hear from them you might try calling since you could be texting their home phone.


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