Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cage Fight

Okay, so this week has been insanely busy and I haven't had a chance to post the rest of our trip's pictures, but I WILL. Someday.

So, here is a little hint of the fights that go on in our house...over ridiculous items that aren't even actual toys...just the rings that connect toys to other things. This is actually a more peaceful fight. Usually, there is clothes and hair pulling, fists in the face, legs and arms flailing about, and the kind of screeching that would make a banshee proud.

The major events come when they fight over The Blue Triangle of Power. This is a prized "toy." They save the big guns for when The Triangle is in play.

And also, I'm very aware of the fact that their clothes don't come close to matching. I needed pants...I grabbed the first ones I saw.

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